The 5 Hour Car Ride

By: Ben Boettcher

What, Who, Where, When, How, Why, and Interesting Facts

What: Rode in a car for 5 hours to Mackinaw City.

Who: Mom, Dad, Sister, and I

Where: In a car going to Mackinaw City

When: August 29-31

How: My dad drove

Why: For vacation

Interesting Facts: We also rode on a fairy to Mackinac Island

Look At Me

The Science of it

Connection 1: The gates other cars drove on sounded louder when the car was closer to us.

Explanation: It was like the Doppler Effect because when the car got closer it got louder and when it drove away it wasn't as loud.

Connection 2: Legs & feet falling asleep as we sat in the car.

Explanation: As we sat in one position our legs and feet started falling asleep because we were putting pressure on our nerves.


1. My notes from last year


I Wonder...

1. I wonder why sitting in one position made our feet and legs fall asleep.

2. I wonder if the grate on the bridge can mess up your hearing.

3. I wonder why our feet kept falling asleep every time we'd wake them up.

4. I wonder if they will ever remove the grate on the bridge.

5. I wonder why we didn't stretch our legs more.

6. I wonder why they even put grates on the bridge in the first place.