Tension In Lebanon

By: Sam Rolfes, Rivaldo Portillo

The Root of This Conflict

Religious fighting began in the 1970's and has continued ever since. Syrian military troops have been in Lebanon between 1976-2005 and there is still tension. The uncertainty of the borders between the two states also is still going on. War broke out in 2006 called the Syrian Dominance.The power was in favor of the Muslims which causes an ethnic conflict. In 2006 war breaks out with Israel over Hezbalan. Division of Berrut (capital) in itself explains the tension between religious groups in Lebanon.

Spatial Extent

The county extends 10,000 square kilometers, clusters of Maronite are on the west coast. Sunnis are in the northwest and Shiite are in the west and south. So this extends through the whole country.

Amount of People Affected

200,000 people were killed and one million were displaced internally and internationally. Lebanese cities were in the ruins as a result.

What Form Did This Conflict Take

Tension, open violence resulting from the warfare. (predominant ethnic conflict)

The Long Has There Been Conflict

The religious fractions fighting began in the 1970's and has continued ever since. They still have border disputes.

How Does This Conflict Present Itself

Regional because it effects all of Lebanon and it effects all the borders of Lebanon.