Thomas Jefferson

by:Amber Caputo 5th period

Thomas Jefferson was born in 1743 and died in 1826. When he was a boy his favorite hobbies were to play in the woods, play his violin and read. He started his education at age nine. He studied Latin and Greek at a private school owned by the Reverend William Douglas. When he was 14 in 1757 he went further in his study and started to learn classical languages and literature and mathematics with Reverend James Maury who Jefferson described as "a correct classical scholar".
In 1760, he had already learned everything he could from Maury. He then left home to attend Collage of William and Mary in Williamsburg, which was Viriginia's capital. It was the second college in America. William and Mary at the time was an especially rigorous academic institution. His classmates were betting on horse races and playing card and courting women but never studying. On the other hand Jefferson, that's all he did, study. In 1767 to 1774 Thomas practiced law in Virginia, he was a success. During this time he also fell into love with Martha Wayles Skelton, one of the wealthiest women in Virginia. They had gotten married on January 1, 1772, who then later had 6 children. Only 2 made it to adulthood. Martha, the eldest and Mary the fourth born.