Lower School Weekly Announcements

February 15-19/ Q3/ Week 6

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"Who loves you, and how do you know?"

February 2016

Dear Parents,

I recently had the opportunity to spend a little time during lunch with some of our NCS kindergarten, first, second, third, and fourth grade students. When I posed the question, “Who loves you, and how do you know?” This is what some of them had to say:

My mom and dad are just sweethearts.

Evan Welch - Kindergarten

Did you know that Jesus loves me more than my mom and dad because He’s my Savior?

Emily Cuccia - Kindergarten

My family! Dem say it all the time.

Audrey Barre - Kindergarten

Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Levi Hastings and Ava Giglio - Kindergarten

My mom makes me do chores.

Charlotte Hill - Kindergarten

You! You’re my Principal. You pray for us every morning.

Emma Young - First Grade

My mom feeds me and sends me to a good school.

Max Gray - First Grade

My little brother hugs me tight when I get home from school.

Abigail Ream – First Grade

My dad runs and hugs me when he gets home from work.

Alexis Anderson - First Grade

We eat ice cream together at Sonic.

Luke Marchetta – First Grade

God created me.

Arden Richards – Second Grade

My grandma lets me have sleepovers.

Delana Chadwick – Second Grade

My sister dresses the same as me.

Jinayah Hooks – Second Grade

For my birthday, my mom and dad always give me something better than I asked for.

Ariana Chetta – Second Grade

Ms. Vignes picked me for Speech Meet.

Heidi Poole – Second Grade

My parents provide things.

Kate Thompson – Second Grade

[After I sat down at the table and was asked, “Are we in trouble?”]

My parents spend time with me by putting work out the way and clearing the day.

Hayes Noel – Second Grade

My mom and dad make sure that I’m the healthiest kid they know.

Trent Champagne – Third Grade

My mom made sure I was born.

Sawyer McArthur – Third Grade

My dad takes me to do things that I like such as the hunting camp.

Casey Cain – Third Grade

My friend, Remy, smiles at me each morning when we get to school.

Henri Jones – Third Grade

My mom prepares meals for me and my dad provides food.

Phoenix Bigler – Fourth Grade

My grandma is old and does things for us even when she shouldn't.

Will Gallien – Fourth Grade

And the final one - - - - -

Ms. Arnold, do not tell anyone I said this. My grandmother said I’m her favorite. I think she loves me more than my dad, and he’s her son.


Please know that you and your child(ren) are always in my thoughts and prayers each day because “I love you”.

In His love and mine,

Ms. Arnold

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Looking Ahead...

February 15, Open Enrollment begins

February 15, After School Clubs begin (end April 11)

February 18, Open House

February 19, 3rd Grade field trip to Stennis Space Center

February 19, 1st Grade guest speaker, Dr. Fricke

February 20, Lower/ Middle School Winter Sports breakfast

February 23, Lower School Variety Show Auditions

February 25, Chick-fil-A Night

February 25-27, Wizard of Oz Play; Greater Covington Centers

February 26, ACSI Math Olympics; Westminster Christian

February 26, 2nd Grade field trip to Baton Rouge Zoo

February 26, Kindergarten Come & Play Day

February 29 - March 2, AdvancED visit