Book By: Suzanne Weyn

Smore By: Lorna Picoult

This book took place...

in about 2020, in Sage Valley, Ohio. The three main characters are Tom, Gwen, and Nikki. They undergo many struggles, including oil shortages, war, a superhurricane, and several other things. Through this struggle, they found new friends, new ways to live, and, most importantly, found themselves and where they fit in in their new world.

A part I found powerful was when...

Gwen came out of the old mine shaft where she was waiting out the superhurricane and looked up. She was standing in the eye of the superhurricane OscPearl.

Lorna Picoult

If you have any questions, please contact me through my email. I will try to respond within a week. If you have read the book, isn't it great? Anyone who likes futuristic novels, suspense, or adventure should read it.

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