Thursday's Thoughts

February 15, 2018

Our School

We are going through our building trying to ensure that we have a secure school. Everyone has keys to their rooms, we have ordered more walkies, the new keypads are in the process of being activated, and exterior doors are being kept closed and not propped. Let's all remember to be vigilant while at recess.

Please remember to have your student roster and all parent phone numbers in a place that will be easy to grab should it be needed.

Remember to include our school, students, and staff in your prayers each day.

Jet Toy

Some of our students will be competing tomorrow in the Jet Toy competition at Spearman. We wish Kristy Smith and her students luck as they compete !

Writer's Wall of Fame

We have some amazing writer's in our school. We want to showcase their work on our Writer's Wall of Fame. Please begin sending me pieces of writing that you feel are worthy of being on the Writer's Wall of Fame. These students will be invited to a breakfast at the end of the nine weeks with their parents. I cannot wait to fill this wall with lots of wonderful writing!

Next Week's Colt's Customs focus: #1 and #4

Please encourage your students to participate in the Reading All-Stars contest. In order to participate, students must read 5 books. They will receive a ticket to the Greenville Drive game, a t-shirt, and a book.

Small Groups

Continue to stay the course with your small groups. Remember that our students learn best with consistent instruction. Small group instruction always targets students more than whole group instruction. When your students are having difficulty with a particular standard, pull them in a small group so that you can reteach and/or identify the reason for difficulty. This not only applies to reading, but to all subjects. :-)

Upcoming Dates:

Feb. 19th: Comp Day

Feb. 26th: House meetings

March 1st: Donuts for Dad

Happy Friday!