BY: Jay Asher

Quick Summary

Thirteen Reasons Why is a story about a young girl by the name of Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves 13 cassette tapes with the reasons behind her death. Leaving people with a lot of guilt.

The 13 cassette tapes

Hannah creates 13 tapes with one person to blame on each side, so there is 2 people on each tape. Hannah warns everyone at the beggining of the tapes that they must listen to each tape to fully understand her also they can follow the map she created to go along and "get the feel" of the story better. She also warns them that they are being watched and they must pass them on to each person or else the tapes will be put out publically for everyone to hear.

Clay Jensen

Clay is the main character besides Hannah. The story is based off of him and his reactions to the tapes. Clay gets very emotional about the tapes because he felt he could have saved Hannah. Clay was the ninth tape and Hannah explains he really doesn't deserve to be on the tapes and he actually tried to help her. Clay really liked Hannah and is very upset she is gone. He follows every point her told her to. Hannah and Clay once talked at a party but she left him while crying. Hannah and Clay both wished that they could have spent a longer time together and Clay possibly could have saved her life.

My Thoughts

Over all I loved this book because it put me in the perspective of someone else. It also makes me realize the impact certain words jokes or rumours can cause. But in some ways didn't like this book. I didn't like the way Hannah presented these tapes and blamed everyone for her death. Rumors and jokes are always going to be spread meaningful or not. Hannah puts certain people on the spot and lets everyone on the tapes hear what someone else did which can cause someone else to kill themselves or do something they might regret. Even though I didn't like how that was played out over all this book is amazing and a must read!
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