The History of Soccer

Brazil's History of Soccer

Brazil's start to soccer began in the late 19th century. In the year of 1888 Brazil's first soccer club commenced in Sao Paulo, which at the time was made up of Englishmen who picked up the sport first in that area at the time. Brazil's small team of a few major soccer clubs played their first game in 1914. Many people consider Brazil's soccer team to have really started in the year of 1930 when they first appeared in the famous World Cup event. Recently Brazil appeared at the top of the World Cup in 1944 after a struggle from the loss of their player Pele. Although, recently they did not win the World Cup of 2006 or 2010, they are still considered to be one of the nations top soccer teams.

Brazil's National Anthem Lyrics

The peaceful banks of the Ipiranga
Heard the resounding cry of an heroic people,
And the dazzling rays of the sun of Liberty
Bathed our country in their brilliant light.
If with strong arm we have succeeded
In winning a pledge of equality,
In thy bosom, O Liberty,
Our hearts will defy death itself!
O adored Fatherland,
Cherished and revered,
All hail! All Hail!
Brazil, a dream sublime, vivid ray of love and hope to earth descends,
Where in your clear, pure, beauteous skies
The image of the Southern Cross shines forth.
O country vast by nature,
Fair and strong, brave and colossus,
Thy future mirrors this thy greatness.
O land adored
Above all others,
'Tis thee Brazil,
Beloved Fatherland!
Thou art the gentle mother of the children of this soil,
Beloved land,
Laid out eternally in the splendor of nature,
In the sound of the sea and the light of heaven,
may thou shine, O Brazil, flower of America,
Illumined by the sun of the New World! More flowers put forth in thy fair, smiling fields
Than the in the most gorgeously reputed lands;
"More life is to be found in the groves",
"More love in our lives" in thy embrace.
O adored Fatherland,
Cherished and revered,
All Hail!
All Hail!
May the star-scattered banner flown by thee,
Brazil, become the symbol of eternal love,
And may the green-gold flag proclaim always
- Peace in the future and glory in the past -
But if the mighty sword of justice drawn forth,
You will perceive your children, who adore you,
neither fear to fight,
nor flee from death itself.
O land adored
Above all others,
'Tis thee Brazil,
Beloved Fatherland!
Thou art the gentle mother of the children of this soil,
Beloved land,

Brazils flag and facts

Brazil's flag has a celestial shaped globe with a band going across the globe. On this band, it has Brazil's national motto. These two things are found inside of a yellow rhombus represented on a green field. Brazil's flag came to be on the date of November 19, 1889. Currently, there are 27 five-pointed stars. These 27 stars represent union's federated units.
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World Cup Information and Facts

  • Held by FIFA (Federal Internationale de Football Association)
  • Brazil has hosted the World Cup from June 12 to July 13, 2014
  • In the World Cup, 32 teams will participate
  • Brazil has won the World Cup 5 times in the years of 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002
  • Takes place every four years
  • Brazil has made a total of 210 soccer goals, allowing them to hold the record for most scored goals in a World Cup Tournament
  • Most widely viewed sport with a total of more than one billion people watching
  • Uruguay won the first ever World Cup in the year of 1930

Rules of Soccer

  1. The team with the most goals win the game as we all knew
  2. Don't use your hands
  3. There are 3 different categories of positions: Defense, Offense, Midfield

History of Soccer

  • Soccer's history started with a man named Cobb Morley who is credited with creating the first semi-professional soccer team
  • Soccers World Cup history started in Uruguay in 1930 where 13 teams were included to participate.
  • In 1525 the first soccer cleats were made by Cornelius Johnson
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