VILS Coaching Menu

One Vision ~ One Voice


Lions, below you can choose from a variety of options to design your coaching session, MIX and MATCH to design what is appetizing to you! Note: All dishes are free (but Now & Laters will be happily accepted as payment! )


GATHER TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES – Assist with technology applications, systems and ideas to use with your lesson

CO-PLANNING – Through collaboration, plan a lesson or series of lessons using technology that are aligned to PowerUp best practices

DIFFERENTIATION SUPPORT – Implementing technology to help differentiate lessons, assignments or assessments

CLASSROOM OBSERVATION – Organize scheduled observations with another colleague on campus to observe implementation of technology

Main Entrees

CLASSSROOM SUPPORT – Serve as another pair of hands for a lesson implementing technology or another pair of eyes to track student concerns about the use of technology

TEAM TEACHING EXPERIENCE – After planning cooperatively, teach a lesson together implementing technology

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT – Create interactive presentations or programs that enhance student engagement through the use of technology


REFLECTION – Through conversation and observation, reflect on student learning in your classroom with the implementation of technology

COLLABORATION – Help connect with other teachers in the Lions Den or throughout the district who have integrated technology into their lessons

BRAINSTORMING SESSION – Collaboratively bounce technology innovation ideas off one another

SOUNDING BOARD – Lend an open and confidential ear for technology concerns and technology integration

Craving something not listed on the Tech menu?

ORDER IT ANYWAY – The Chef is willing to collaboratively create new items as needed!
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