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Jan. 2021, Issue 2

***Message to our Students-Jan 2021

Energy Boosters!

If you're coming back from break feeling a little sluggish, you're not the only one. The first few weeks after a holiday break can bring on feelings of gloominess, and this year even more so. Maintaining and growing connection is the best way to beat the gloom. We encourage you to join us in making one small extra gesture of connection this week towards an LBJ student or staff member. It can be as simple as a short text or email, or a fun little group project like our video to you!

Here's another boost of energy from our Fine Arts Department!

Thinking about what electives to take next year? Check out our Fine Arts Department's promo!
2021 LBJ ECHS Fine Arts Promo Video


Connecting the Dots...with your Counselor

Counselors have been working hard to make needed schedule changes and advise students in need of credit repair since our return in January. We are also preparing for what's ahead: next year's student planning!

Beginning February 1st, Guidance counselors will continue conducting semester and annual meetings with students and parents. These valuable meetings are an opportunity to help you and your child understand their graduation plan and endorsement, review credits earned so far and credits needed, and discuss options and find solutions for credits lost due to attendance or failing grades. We also take this opportunity to review your child’s completed and pending STARR EOCs. This conversation can go a long way towards helping students understand the connection between the work they’re doing now and their future after high school. These meetings are also the best way gain a deeper understanding of the high school graduation process, but because there is so much information to review, they can sometimes be overwhelming. This is why each conference includes a graduation progress report for parents to review again with their children at home. We are excited to meet with all of our students this Spring.


Congratulations J.A.G.S. Founding Members!

Congratulations to the founding members of the newly created Jaguar Academic Gentry Society. The J.A.G.S. represent the elite students of the senior class who are excelling academically, and have achieved rank in the Top 10 Percent.

The purpose of this organization is to provide the best support that will ensure that our top level seniors have the tools and skills necessary for acceptance and success in the nation’s top colleges and universities.

Membership in the J.A.G.S. is a prestigious honor at LBJ. Go J.A.G.S.!

Class of 2021 Members

Kenneth Henigan

Jesus Sanchez-Jaimes Miryam

Montoya Aleksandar Neau

Micah Reese

Najely Mata-Salazar

Ninet Ramirez

Joaquin Mata-Alvarez

Brendan Jones

Marlene Dominguez-Luna

Marion Williams

Keandre Boateng

Jocelyn Vazquez-De Leon

Zayan Culberson

Johnathon Howard

Stacey Richardson

Soraya Vasquez Rodriguez

Leslie Mata-Martinez

Edgar Gonzales Mirand

Welcome new ECHS Spring Students!!

Take a look at some of the new faces in our ECHS program! ECHS Director, Natalie King Miletello, ACC Rep Devon Miller, and GEAR UP Counselor, Grace Zamorano are pictured in the mix, helping our new kiddos register for their first ACC class!


You can still repair your fall semester grades by February 1st!

Was your academic performance last semester less than you’d hoped for? You’re not alone. Students across the country are experiencing some of the very same struggles as you. But don’t worry. Your teachers are committed to providing as many pathways to success as they possibly can, and your counselors are experts at finding solutions! Here are just a few:

  • Show What You Know. Did you know that some of our departments utilize Standards-Based Grading? SBG is a way of grading students on what they know. Grades are based on your understanding and mastery of a concept. If you failed a class last semester, talk to your teacher and find out if they use SBG. If so, they can provide you with a grade recovery plan that won’t overwhelm you with extra make-up work. You can improve your fall semester grade if you complete their recovery plan by February 1st

  • Strategic Make-Ups. If your teacher doesn’t use Standards-Based Grading, do not despair. Sometimes, the best way to improve a semester grade is to be selective in recovering one six-week grade instead. Talk to your teacher about which six-week grade you should focus on recovering between now and February 1st. Yes, it can be that simple!

  • Twilight. If you’re feeling entirely lost, like maybe you didn’t understand a class at all last semester, then Twilight might be the solution for you! Our Twilight program uses an online learning platform to re-teach you important course concepts. You can retake a semester of almost any class needed for graduation on your own time and at your own pace. There is also an after-school Twilight class that meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 – 6 p.m. If you know you need to really learn your stuff, talk to your counselor about enrolling in Twilight.

  • Delta. If you’re short on time to recover credit and too close to graduation for comfort, your counselor will likely come to you to approach you with this option! Delta uses the same online learning platform as Twilight, but it is scheduled during the school day. This can be a great option for students who have a hard time scheduling their credit recovery learning time, or students who need someone to give them that extra motivational push. Mr. Gordon, our Twilight and Delta teacher is an awesome motivator and supporter that will work tirelessly for your success.

Need individual help?

The Jaguar Den is always open to you! Teachers from every content area are available to help, and counselors are there too. Don't be shy. Stop in!
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The heat is on for high school Juniors!

As you move closer to graduation, the College & Career Center wants you to be prepared for life after high school.

11th Grade year is the time for you to explore what your academic and career objectives beyond high school. Having some idea of what you’re moving towards will give you a sharper focus and increase your motivation to finish this year strong.

1. Use Naviance to take career and interest inventories and explore schools that match your academic/career interests.

2. Participate in College & Career Fairs and College Tours. Many of these have gone virtual this year, which gives you tons of opportunities and options to participate. College virtual tours can be found on the website of almost any college or university. You can also contact Ms. Ramirez for information on virtual fairs.

3. Explore scholarships! Scholarships and grants are sources of college funding that do not have to be paid back. Use Naviance to find out which scholarship and grant requirements you already meet and which ones you need to work towards. Remember: there’s no such thing as too much free money! Most scholarships and grants can be used for living expenses, not just tuition.

4. Practice and Sign up to take college readiness tests such as the SAT/ACT/TSI through our campus testing bulletins. You can also find links to sign up on the College & Career Webpage.
Participate in Information Webinars, such as Junior College Road Map or AVID Family Night. Get as much information about the process now as you possibly can, so that you can be ready to tackle your Senior year head on!

5. Build up your resume. If you haven’t already written one, start now! You’ll need all of this information when you apply for colleges (and maybe even summer jobs) Include current or previous jobs, volunteer and extracurricular activities, and any special awards. List anything you can that shows you in your best light.

6. Maintain good grades and attendance. This is vitally important during your Junior year, because your Junior transcript is what you’ll be using to apply to colleges, universities, and scholarships this fall. Get that GPA up as high as you can now! A few fractions of a point can make a huge difference!

7. Join College Support Organizations like Gear Up, Talent Search, Breakthrough, MBK, or College Forward. You don’t have to figure this stuff out on your own! Our college and career partners are here to help and will work with you every step of the way.

Be on the Lookout! Our College and Career Advisor Ms. Ramirez, and the 11th Grade Counselor Mr. Garcia will be conducting class visits through the English 3 and US History classes in order to provide more detailed information about the college exploration process.

Resource of the Month


Naviance Is an excellent resource for you to take Career Inventories, to research colleges and universities, and to research scholarships and grant opportunities. If you haven’t already done so, generate a Naviance account in order to take advantage of this excellent resource. Contact Ms. Nora Ramirez if you need help in setting up your Naviance account.


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