Heidi Bailey

Happiness is a journey... not a destination.

Interests, Skills, Values, Self-esteem, and Learning Style

I value Affection ( love and caring ), close relationships, friendships, having a family, honesty, leadership, religion, freedom, purity, and truth. I'm a musical learner ( music smart ). I like to sing, play the guitar, and listen to music. When im doing something challenging I sometimes listen to music and i work faster. My interests are working in Health Science and Human Services. I have a well-balanced realistic sense of self-esteem.

My Career as a Radiologist

Radiologist and diagnose using X-rays and radioactive materials and may treat patients. Their salary is $90.00+ hourly, $187,200+ annual. The job outlook is faster than average (28% between 2010 and 2020). This career cluster is Health Science. Their Work schedule is full time because imaging is needed in emergency situations. They are on their feet for long periods of time, and sometimes they have to lift patients.You get to look at different X-rays.


I would like to go to the University of Arkansas. This College is located in Fayetteville. I want to go to this college because there a lot to do, and the education there is great. The dorms there are awesome. To become a Radiologist I need to get an Associate's Degree. The cost per hour is $398.36.