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What's going on...

  • K-5 LA and Math Benchmark window opens TODAY!!
  • Our holiday choir will be performing at Parents as teachers this week, at the PTA Snowy Social AND will be caroling around the school! Thank you Marla for ALL that you do!!
  • Hope you can join us for the PTA Snowy Social Thursday night. It is from 5:30-7:00, will include pictures with Santa, and a snowball fight with socks!!
  • THE CHRISTMAS PARTY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Here is the sign-up for bringing goodies!!
  • If you would like to participate in Secret Santa, sign up here by tomorrow

  • I read this recently and it really spoke to me...

It is important to fall in love again. Somewhere each day we must fall in love with some

one, some thing, some moment, event or phrase. Somehow we must break free from the noise and allow for the softening of the heart. Otherwise our hearts will move inevitably toward cynicism, bitterness, fear and despair..

If we don’t pause, the hardships of the world will slowly de-sensitize us from the simple joys that life has to offer.

Stop and take a breath.

Enjoy the moment without needing the moment to be perfect. Life is what happens between the cracks of perfection.

It is a discipline to consciously simplify and re-discover those moments of falling in love again.

and again.


  • Big Thank you to Katrina and Erika Robey for stepping up and take care of my class. Evelyn
  • A HUGE shout out to Katrina for being so AWESOME!!! Kathryn and Anne
  • I looked at Square 1 art purchases and !st grade alone ordered $637.00 worth of art! Go 1st grade parents and kids! - Vidonni
  • Sharpening the Saw would love to have everyone from Reed to celebrate the end of year 2015 by coming out to the Christmas Party at Katrina's on Thursday 12/17/15. Tis the season to be jolly and happy and relaxed and merry. Happy Holidays!!!!
  • Shout out to ALL of the classrooms we visited Wednesday/Thursday with teacher visits and those we visited Friday with our Site Visit! I am always so proud of the passion/dedication/commitment of our staff!! - Lisa



  • K-5 LA/M Benchmark Window Opens
  • GAP Task force meeting - 3:10 in big conference room


  • Picture Retakes
  • 3:10 - RTI Tier 3


  • Site-based Meeting
  • 3:10 - Leader in Me Faculty Meeting
  • Holiday Choir performing at Parents as Teachers 7:00 @ LEO


  • Team Meeting with Kinder
  • PTA Snowy Social 5:30-7:00


  • One more week...

This is the last week of Enrichment for this year!! HeeHee (until 2016)

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Great article on Teaching Critical Thinking

Friday Fun Video Link


  • 12th - Beth G.