Tamika M. Davis

2014-15 Summative Review

Central Office Administrator: Tamika M. Davis

  • Area of Primary Responsibility: Personalized Learning Coordinator
  • Length of Cycle: 1 year


What did you accomplish this year?

The 2014-15 provided an opportunity for a rebirth as it related to PLE and tablet integration. My goals were to essentially restart teachers toward becoming PLE Masters. My action steps included:

Moving teachers further along in the SAMR model. This was done by facilitating workshops that not only made teachers comfortable with the tablet, but how the device fits into their personalized learning environments. You’ll find the courses offered below. The modules are housed on OneDrive in our Shared Space.

    • Augmented Reality in a PLE
    • Digital Tools to Advance Formative Assessment
    • Digitizing Choice Boards
    • Edmodo Snapshot
    • EOY Test Prep
    • Flipping with PowerPoint
    • Group Work Strategies
    • Infographics as Creative Assessment
    • Personalization for Admins
    • Personalizing with Blendspace
    • Personalizing with Discovery Education
    • Personalizing with EDpuzzle
    • Personalizing with Lensoo
    • Personalizing with OneDrive
    • Reaching EC Students with Read Alouds
    • Transforming Learning with Task Rotations
    • Utilizing Blendspace to Enhance your PLC

Sharing instructional strategies and training opportunities via my monthly newsletters:

Worked with the media spec and CTC to recruit and train Tablet Techies at Allen and Guilford Middle Schools

Organized several events within schools such as:
  • EC Night
  • Fall and Spring Parent Events

Outside of schools, I worked as a member of the Healthy Professionals team to facilitate PD meetings, organize department PLCs, order new department shirts and orchestrate staffing for GCS-wide events (Family Fun Day 2015)

Created a walk through form which was shared and used by department colleagues. You’ll the observation form here. You’ll find my observation notes by clicking the following links:

Opportunities for Improvement

In what areas can you improve upon your performance this year?

Upon reflection I regret not meeting with/observing each individual teacher each school. While I realize this task is grandiose in nature it is attainable. Consequently, my admins and I worked out the following plan for 2015-16:

  • Observe as a team offering feedback from each of our vantage points
  • Discuss amongst each other opportunities for feedback and improvement
  • Discuss observation with the teacher and offer coaching based on needs.

Aspirations for Next Year

What things do you hope to accomplish next year?

The 2015-16 school year brings forth opportunities that in essence allow us to redefine what it means to be an educator in a personalized learning environment. I aspire to move teachers further along the SAMR model. The hope is to use the PACE team to be the face of PLE within their schools by:

  • Modeling personalization beyond students and lead mini-spotlight trainings in PLCs, grade level and faculty meetings.
  • Work with the PACE team to make their classrooms models of personalization (see photo below)
  • Work with organizations such as Go Fund Me and Donors Choose to purchase furniture for a PLE classroom for the teacher of the year.
  • Present at multiple conferences
  • Participate in regularly scheduled PLCs with department colleagues.

Big image

Support Requested

What support do you feel you need to achieve your aspirations next year?

  • Financial assistance to attend conferences
  • Allow non-meeting time to meet with department colleagues to plan PLE experiences for our schools