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Though some government programs rely on funding from high cigarette taxes, the health risks associated with the habit have lead to government bans and initiatives designed to get people to quit or never start. Some have wondered, however, where the government would make up the lost cigarette tax revenue if anti-smoking advocates succeeded in creating a world without smokers?

health care expenditures

Those in the anti-smoking community say it is a no-brainer. If everyone were to quit, health care expenditures would be significantly lower –swamping any lost revenue concerns. Of course, there would also be ancillary quality of life benefits as well.

Stanton Glantz

professor of tobacco control at the American Legacy Foundation, told The Daily Caller that regardless of any savings accrued by smokers dying earlier, the health care costs of smokers, while they are alive, are quite hefty.

health care savings.

A study conducted by Glantz and colleagues published in 2008 found that in Arizona, between 1996 and 2004, the state’s tobacco control program brought about a reduction in cigarette consumption of 200 million packs, which was associated with $2.33 billion in health care savings.

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