Congress Made Easy!

Gov. period 2 Diamond Do and Alexander Garza

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Congress has a divide in powers.

The powers being used in the congress are split between the House of Representatives and Senate. The House writes national legislation and has more representatives based on population. Senate is always equal due to all states having no more than 2 senators per state.

Check and Balances

In the Federalist 41 James Madison talks about 6 points and how they are applied to congress. 5 and 6 are most applicable in about restraint of state of certain injurious acts and provisions for giving efficacy to all these powers.
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Implied Powers and Necessary and Proper Clause (A.K.A Elastic Clause)

The Elastic Clause

The elastic clause or other known as Article 1 Section 8 of the constitution is an essential power for congress to possess in the government. The use of this power makes checks and balances.
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The Limits of Congress

Congress cannot favor one state over another, congress cannot tax interstate commerce, and tax exports.

Enumerated powers, or the expressed powers.

The powers the Constitution explicitly grants to Congress, including the power to declare war and levy taxes.
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Special Powers of the House of Representatives

The Constitution gives the House of Representatives a few unique powers, including the power to do the following. Propose all tax bills, Impeach a federal official.Impeachment is the process of formally charging a government official with an offense serious enough to warrant removal from office.

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Unique powers of the Senate

The Constitution also grants the Senate a few unique powers, including the power to do the following. Approve presidential appointments to key federal offices, confirm all federal judicial appointments, ratify treaties, and try impeached officials.

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