Amazon Rainforest Food Web

By Xavier Seoane

Amazon Rainforest

The amazon rainforest is a very humid place with over 16000 species of trees and over 2000 species of animals. It is a very green environment with over 40 million trees. It is not only the biggest rainforest in the world but also 10% of the animal species in the world live there.

Primary Producers (Autotrophs)

1st Degree Consumers

2nd Degree Consumers

3rd Degree Consumers


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King Vulture

Sarcoramphus papa


Abiotic Factors

symbiotic relationships


Mutualism: agouti eats Brazil nuts and then poops the seed.

Commensalism: Bromeliads grow on high branches of trees and it doesn't affect the tree and it lets them survive.

Parasitism: Strangler Fig kills trees.

Competition: Anaconda and Jaguar fight to eat ocelot.