Bruneau Elementary Newsletter

October 2022

Upcoming Events

Monday, Oct. 31st - Hallo-Weener Party 5:30 @ Bruneau Park

Tuesday, Nov. 8th - School Board Meeting 1:00pm @ BES

Friday, Nov. 11th - Teacher Inservice

Friday, Nov. 18th - Nov. 25th Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov. 28th - School Resumes

The Weekend of Nov. 12th - 13th Bruneau Cowboy Christmas

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Parents Needed for Bruneau-Grand View District Committees

Curriculum Committee

We are looking for parents to serve on our District Curriculum Committee. This committee reviews standards, reviews curricular materials for adoption, and discusses ideas for new course offerings. We have a few meetings during the year. Much of the work can be done through email. If you are interested, please reach out to Patty Dalrymple:

Policy Committee

We are looking for parents to serve on our District Policy Committee. This committee meets once or twice a month on Tuesday mornings for about an hour. The primary focus, at this time, is updating policies to current practices and requirements. If you are interested, please reach out to Superintendent Jeff Blaser:

A Note From Mr. Meyers

Habit 2—Begin with the End in Mind • Have a Plan

When I was a boy, my mom always told my brothers and me stories about two little

boys named Charles and Remus who were constantly thinking up ways to make money.

After earning money, Charles would live for the moment and blow it all, while Remus

always planned ahead and spent his money wisely.

I guess Mom was trying to teach us kids about Habit 2—Begin with the End in Mind.

It is the habit of vision, or the habit of having a plan.

There are several fun things you can do with “Goob and the Bug-Collecting

Kit.” For example, you may want to emphasize why writing down your goals is so

important. As the saying goes, “A goal not written is only a wish.” Or you can let the

kids practice their math skills by adding and subtracting how Goob and Jumper

spend their money. Yet again, you might discuss how planning ahead—whether it be

with money, in school, or in life—always leads to good things, including being better

positioned to help others, like when Goob was able to invite Jumper to the movies

because he had an extra buck on hand.

Here are some discussion questions for you and your student after watching the story:

1. What was Goob’s plan?

2. How much money did Goob and Jumper make? How did they divide it?

3. How did Jumper spend his money? How did Goob spend his money? Who spent

their money in a better way?

4. How was Goob able to help Jumper in the end?

5. Why is it important to plan ahead?

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids: Habit 2 - Begin with the End in Mind

K/1 Miss Wampler

Kindergarten and first grade have been learning about our community. We are making a map of Bruneau and walked around town to get pictures of the buildings we are making. In math, kindergarten is working on finding one more, ordering items by length and counting to 20 forward and backward. First grade is working on problem solving and sharing their thinking with the class. We also enjoyed our time learning about fire prevention with the Bruneau volunteer fire department!
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2/3 Mrs. Jones

Happy Fall! It has been a busy time in second and third grade. We have participated in picture day, fire prevention, and are currently participating in Red Ribbon Week. We continue working towards our bigger goals and spending time on our growth mindset. Second grade is mastering 2-digit addition and working towards 2-digit subtraction. Third grade is working on mastering multiplication facts and working towards division. Both second and third grade are developing a pioneer expedition for our Westward Expansion section of Social Studies. We are moving towards Thanksgiving fast!
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4/5 Mr. Orban

Having tackled their review of various multiplication and division strategies that included the use of word problems, the fourth graders in this classroom are now looking at how math problems often require a multi-step approach to correctly solve these problems. Often, these lessons include a review of PEMDAS – the specific steps needed to correctly solve these equations. Meanwhile, the fifth-grade students completed their review of how to add and subtract numbers that include decimals and are now digging deeper into this form of math. During this module, they will learn the correct methods of rounding these numbers and, more important, how the use of decimal numbers translates into real-world situations.

In language arts, students continue to study ways that authors tell stories through various genres and text elements during daily reading lessons. Meanwhile, they are putting their creativity and imagination to paper as they continue work on a series of writing assignments. In addition to sharing their opinion on selected topics, students began work on narrative stories regarding topics the class selected based on various topics.

During the last week of October, the two teams of students finished work on their fictional cities as part of our project-based learning program. This hands-on learning experience required each student to take the research they had compiled regarding cities in Idaho and across the United States and apply that knowledge to help their team create their own community. The three-dimensional buildings the students attached created represent a multitude of buildings various cities need to serve the needs of the citizens who live in these communities.

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BES October Students of The Month

Our students of the month for October were chosen for showing courage at BES.

October Cape Run

Each month, we select students from each grade level that have shown outstanding growth on our Istation reading or math assessment to participate in our cape run. October's students are:

Tolley Marney, Waylon Ward, Hap Prow, and Crawford Eldridge.

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Fire Prevention Week

Bruneau students would like to thank the Bruneau volunteer fire department for helping us learn about fire safety.
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Red Ribbon Week

This week we spent time learning about the ways to stay healthy , build our resilience, and be drug free. We were able to have a visit from Deputy Kipper and her dog Sky to learn more about drugs, making good choices, and staying safe. Then we ended the week with a red ribbon walk around town.
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