Omega Gymnastics Academy

By Madeline Rindahl

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Phone Number

(604) 464-1555

125B Glacier St, Coquitlam, BC V3K 5Z1

Omega is about 7 minutes away from Charles Best.
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What Activities Are Offered?

Omega provides recreational and competitive gymnastics. Even though I already train with their completive program I can also go to open gym which is available 3 days a week.

What Happens At Open Gym?

Open gym is available on Wednesdays 8-10, Fridays 7-9, and Saturdays 6-8. You can be any age to go to open gym. There is always a qualified level 1 coach there supervising everyone and you are allowed to do anything unless the coach believes the activities you are doing are too dangerous.

How Much Will It Cost?

I am a member at Omega so it will cost $6 for 1 hour or $10 for 2 hours

Are There Risks?

With the sport of gymnastics there is always a chance of being injured, but when I go to open gym I will not be attempting the higher qualified skills as I would at my regular training. Also the Certified Level 1 coaches that are supervising were trained to deal with situations if anyone is injured.
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