Nail Polish Remover

By: Spencer Sandberg

Chemical Name

The chemical name of nail polish remover, is acetone. Which is a colorless and very flammable liquid, that evaporates very easily.
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Common Name

The common name is nail polish remover.

Chemical Formula

The chemical formula of nail polish remover is (CH3)2O.

Uses for Nail Polish Remover

1. Remove nail polish

2. Erase super glue

3. Restore wooden floors

Physical and Chemical Properties

1. Nail polish remover doesn't really have a chemical solution to how and why it removes nail polish. Its just a solvent.

2. NPR ( Nail Polish Remover ) is just a very potent material, and that's why it wears-off the nail polish, and is also why there is a strange odder.

3. NPR is a clear chemical, mainly because its basically 100% acetone, so it is highly flammable and gives off strange smells, and kind of tingles your finger and toe nails whenever you use it.

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Random Facts

1. NPR can actually dissolve Styrofoam cups after a short amount of time.

2. NPR can remove permanent marker, and make the object cleaner than what is was before.

3. NPR eats though paper at a rapid rate, because the acetone in NPR wants to bond with the sap from the trees in the paper, but since it is so thin, it just rips straight through it.

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