The Donner Party

By Eli Keville

Donner Party

The cost of enlarging a nation will be important to the value of human life in many different ways. For example, the Donner Party set on a journey to move west (to California) to find more land/expand. Turns out the journey takes a turn for the worst and they get stuck due to snow.

The Donner Party are all out of food and very hungry. People are dying all around them from starvation and they have no other choice but to eat the already dead. Some of them chose to take action in this and some decided that they would rather starve to death then eat someone else. This is where expanding is more important than the value of human life.

To conclude this essay I talked about how the Donner Party died trying to expand west and find new land. Also I talked about how this was more important than human life. I do not think that the Donner Party would have gone on this journey if they knew they were going to die. That will conclude my Essay.
Oregon Trail and Donner Party

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