My Code of Ethics

By: Alli Brace


I will always be honest even if being honest could potentially get me into trouble. Either way the person being lied to will find out so it is better to tell the truth and be up front about the situation. If my friends, who are juniors, want to go to the mall but I am not allowed to drive on the freeway with other students, I will not go to their house anyway and avoid telling my parents because if they ended up finding out the consequences for lying would be worse than if I had just told them in the first place.
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Stick to Beliefs

I will always stick to my religion and beliefs. Even if people are pressuring me to do things that are against my beliefs I will try my very best to resist because it is against my morals and is not right. Even if everyone else is talking about doing inappropriate things with their boyfriends I will not even consider doing them because it is against what I believe.


I will always be responsible and take care of myself. Now that I am getting older I cannot always rely on other people to take care of me. I must take responsibility for my own actions and not allow myself to do things that would make my parents and self disappointed. If I break a lamp in my house by throwing a ball I will tell my parents that it was me rather than blaming it on my brother.


I will follow the rules even when no one else is around to see it. Even if everyone else is breaking the rules. I will also try no to leave people out and make sure that I treat people fairly. If some doesn't have a group for a class assignment I will invite them to be in mine so that they are not left out.


I will not share any private information about anyone. It is not my place therefore I will not take part in it. If my mom gives me her credit card number to buy a shirt online, I will not give it away for my friends to buy something too.
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