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Approved: M. Glover November 13, 2015

We love the USA!

It's been quite the patriotic week. The results from our vote for the next two U.S. symbols to study were: the Liberty Bell and Mount Rushmore. Surprisingly, Mrs. Shorter's class voted on the same symbols so we took turns teaching about each one. I taught both classes about Mount Rushmore (and learned quite a lot myself in the process). Do you know where Mount Rushmore is located? Your child should (by the way, it's South Dakota). We measured the length of a nose as well as the chin-to-tip-of-head distance. Seeing the size measured out in the hallway made it much more real to them. Mrs. Shorter taught both classes about the Liberty Bell. Do you know when it last rang? The students sure do (it was on the celebration of George Washington's birthday almost 200 years ago). By the time we got ready to prepare cards for the veterans related to our class members, the students were experts at drawing and identifying U.S. symbols. They wrote some sweet messages (using their own creative spelling). Hope the veterans enjoy them! We've been keeping tabs on the eagles at Berry College and got to see one in the cage this week. They are truly amazing birds. You should visit the site and see for yourselves. Here's the link again: Thursday and Friday were spent introducing the Thanksgiving holiday. We've looked at a map of the world to plot where the Pilgrims traveled from and where they landed. We also saw a map of the areas in North America that were already settled by the Wampanoag tribes. Identifying the Wampanoag homes, chores, food and clothing helped us to make comparisons to our own lives. We explored the question of "how did people long ago live healthy?" We will continue to search through our information for answers to this question both for the Native Americans and the Pilgrims.

What's Happening Next Week?

Next week we'll finish up our study of the Wampanoag tribe, learn more about the Pilgrims and the reason for their journey to a new world, and finally take a closer look at turkeys by comparing them to the chicks we have in the classroom. We'll be working with shapes over the next couple of weeks as well.


RIK.2 and 7; RLK.5 and 10; RFK1.d; RFK.2.d; RFK3.a and c; WK.2; WK.7; LK.1; LK.2; CC.3, 4 and 5; KCC.3;

Important Dates

November 17 - Thanksgiving Rotations

November 19 - Thanksgiving Feast with Yellow Hall (no parents - sorry)

November 20 - Harvest Veggies

November 25-27 Thanksgiving Break -- NO SCHOOL

Decemver 2 - Seussical the Musical Field Trip