VPS Early Learning Newsletter

Summer 2019

Dear Early Learning Families,

Dear Early Learning Families,

I hope you are finding time to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors! Quiet moments are rare for me, but when I find them, I immerse myself in reading. While browsing through a magazine, I came across a recent article with a title that piqued my interest: “3 Easy Steps for Kindergarten Success.” Too often, I come across informative, yet wordy articles regarding early learning. This one, however, was written in a direct, concise manner. I read it and found myself agreeing with (and appreciating) the simplicity of the study. In summary, the Center of Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning at the University of Virginia, found that although fact-based knowledge is important, teachers really want kids to have “self-regulatory skills” such as the ability to pay attention, follow directions and take turns. How can parents help teach these over the summer? Here you go:

1. Practice taking turns: Get your little one into as many group settings as you can. Allowing him to interact with others will then help improve his ability to share and wait his turn. If conflict occurs, it’s okay; see if he can navigate and handle it on his own. An added bonus: kids benefit from hearing a range of words from a variety of voices.

2. Give complex directions: Give your 4/5 year old multistep instructions a few times a day. They can be as simple as “walk backward to your sister, give her a high-five, crawl into the bathroom and grab me the blue hand towel.”

3. Sharpen attention: Just the simple act of listening to stories boosts focus. If you are able to read to your child for 20 minutes a day, you are greatly supporting her attention skills. While reading, stop a few times and ask what she thinks will happen next; it’s a great way to keep her engaged.


Kendra Yamamoto

VPS Early Learning teacher

Dates to Calendar

Monday, August 5th (9 am - 11:30 am) - Jump Start begins at Anderson, Fruit Valley, Harney, Hazel Dell, King, Lincoln, Marshall, Minnehaha, Ogden, Roosevelt, Truman, Walnut Grove and Washington

Monday, August 12th (9 am - 11:30 am) - Jump Start begins at Chinook, Eisenhower, Felida, Franklin, Hough, Lake Shore, Sacajawea and Salmon Creek

Monday, August 16th - Last day of Jump Start

Wednesday, August 27th - First day of school

Monday, September 2nd - No School (Labor Day)

Social-Emotional Learning

Model the behavior you seek. Whether it's apologizing when you're in the wrong or treating others with respect and kindness, children learn a great deal about relationships from observing the behavior of their parents.

- edutopia.org

And finally...

"Scientists have recently determined that it takes 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain - unless it is done with play, in which case it takes 10 - 20 repetitions."

- Dr. Karyn Purvis