STAAR Reading 8 Intervention

Mrs. Benda

Level 1

Select the percentages that your group would like to address :


8.10(A) Summarize the main ideas, supporting details, and relationships among ideas in text succinctly in ways that maintain meaning and logical order.


8.F19(E)Summarize, paraphrase, and synthesize texts in ways that maintain meaning and logical order within a text and across texts.


7.F19(D) R&S Make inferences about text and use textual evidence to support understanding.


8.11 S Analyze, make inferences and draw conclusions about persuasive text and provide evidence from text to support their analysis.


8.6(A)analyze linear plot developments (e.g., conflict, rising action, falling action, resolution, subplots) to determine whether and how conflicts are resolved;

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Level 2

Targeting 3 to 4 SE's to cover at a time

Week 1: 8.10 (A) & 8.F19 (E)

Week 2: 7.F19(D)

Week 3: 8.11(S)

Week 4: 8.6(A)

Week 5:

Week 6:

Level 3

cross reference prior student performance on Learning Checks

1. We are on a timeline, so do not let gathering data consume you.

2. Yes we are basing a lot off of one test, but so does the State of Texas with the STAAR test.

plan for the non-ELA teachers

History teachers can work

  • on teaching summarizing text
  • work on making inferences about text
  • look at persuasive speeches given by politicians et. al. and discussing common vocabulary

  • Assertions and premise given in those speeches
  • Reiterating use of dictionaries and their use with choosing the correct definitions in context of on level text and higher level text 8.2(E)