Granger School Weekly Newsletter

Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2017

Quick Reminders/Planning Ahead

THIS TUESDAY: Pre-K- 2nd grade stocking projects due

Tues, Dec. 5 UIL in Holland Grades 2-8th

Mon. Dec 4 FFA Meeting 7:00 pm

Wed. Dec. 6 Early Release 1:00 pm

Wed. Dec. 6 UIL home hosted for grades 3-8th

Thurs. Dec. 7 Senior Portraits

Wed. Dec. 13 Elementary Christmas Program 2:00pm in New Gym

Wed. Dec. 13 School Board Meeting 6:30-7:30

Mon. Dec. 18 Project Celebration Meeting 7:00 Student Center

Tues. Dec. 19 Secondary Band Concert 6:00 in Student Center

Semester Exams Mon.-Wed. Dec. 18-20th - IT IS 20% OF STUDENT GRADE

Thurs. Dec 21 Early release - last day of semester


Thursday, Jan. 18 Family Night Read-In 6:00pm-7:00pm

Sat. Jan. 27 Project Celebration Dinner Fundraiser

Mon. Jan. 29th PTO meeting in cafeteria 7:00pm

Prom will be Saturday, March 3, 2018

Don't forget:

*Instagram: Follow the school yearbook @ grangerlionsyearbook

*Students have access to eBooks!

***Please check school website for date and time changes, as it may not have been given at time of publication.


Due to Holland being in football playoffs, the Elementary and Jr. High Academic Meet scheduled for this Friday, December 1st has been changed to Tuesday, December 5th at Holland. Thank you for your understanding!

11/27/17 12:25pm

From the Nurse...

Before Thanksgiving break "Pink Eye" (Conjunctivitis), Strep Throat and a Stomach Bug was going around.

Please remember:

*You must be fever free (without fever reducing medicine) and no vomiting for 24 hours before you can come back to school.

*Wash hands frequently and do not touch your face.

**Pink eye is usually self-limiting (meaning it heals itself) but the doctors will prescribe an antibiotic ointment/drops to help with the discomfort and healing faster.

*Cough into your shoulder and turn your head away from others.

Helpful Hint: Don't Self-Inoculate

Remember when the nurse said don't touch your face? Well, she means it. Touching your face implants those nasty little germs directly into your body. Think about how many times a day you pick up a phone while eating, or scratch an itch on your face.

Helpful tip: The next time you want to clean the the sleep out of your eyes to look fresh and awake, use a tissue.

Which leads to another tip: Keep one in your pocket.

Become Aware: Dedicate one hour to count how many times your hands touch your face. Ask friends/co-workers to tell you if they notice it. The knowledge you gain may surprise you.

Feel free to try this with your child.

Confessions from Library Literacy Time: It is a daily site to see a child pick their nose. Then touch a book, their classmate, any surface within reach...

Please, educate your child at home as well. We do the best we can, without embarrassing a student, to make them aware of their self-inflicting behavior which, ultimately, spreads to others.

As any parent and educator knows, a one time reminder turns into "You never told me." I've heard it expressed when teaching a child not to do something, and they do it anyway, let them. They will learn and won't do it again. (This person does not have children by the way.) Touching your face is not like touching a hot stove, they will do it again.

So, with this little soap box tidbit, please make it your child's daily reminder to keep a tissue handy and use it. Turn head to cough into your shoulder, turn your head into elbow to sneeze. Wash hands often. Please repeat until the point a groaning, eye rolling child is reached. Then a few times more for good measure.

Thank you for your understanding. You are appreciated!

Proof that Granger ISD and Community Rock!

The Scholastic Book Fair event took on special meaning this year as an opportunity to show support and Texas small town pride by sharing a portion of the proceeds with another small town school library damaged by Hurricane Harvey. It is with great excitement to announce 108% of the goal was met!

Parents, Grandparents, Faculty, and Students kept this library lady on her feet. making exhaustion a blessing. Words can not adequately express the gratitude for all the help and support.

I would like to do a special shout out to the PTO and those who popped in to help with setting up, running, and tearing down the 'store'. I've never had this much support before, making my heart swell in true Dr. Seuss Grinch style! Please forgive me if I missed someone in the busyness, as all are important to the success.

Thank you:

Mike Abbott

Cindy Gaswint

Henrietta Griffis

Ryan Griffis

Danielle Hamende

Karen Horak

Careta Miller

Britni Nunn

Randa Perez

Kasey Smith

Lisa Vanek

Jeanette Welles

And let's not forget Mrs. Brock and Mrs. Terry, along with the sixth and eight graders who helped the Pre-K-Kinder with their wish lists! The students did an awesome job setting a good example for the Lion Cubs!

Stay tuned for more news on the delivery of the gift to the Woodsboro School Library!

Interesting Christmas Facts

*The poem 'The Night Before Christmas' was originally called 'A Visit from St. Nicholas'. The author was Professor Clement Clarke Moore, who wouldn't claim it until his 1844 anthology of his works.

Before the poem there was no universal accepted idea of Santa. It gave us his means of transportation, the names of the reindeer, his appearance, and his Christmas Eve visits with presents.

*The guy whose voice was used for Tony the Tiger, the cartoon mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, sang "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. His name was Thuri Ravenscroft.

Happy Birthday!


Tami Price 19

Jennifer Lane 26

Jaclyn Guerra 28

Raising Fundraiser Awareness

*Senior Class Kona Ice Sales are 3/6, 4/3. All of these are the first Tuesdays. Time: 3:00-5:00

*Cheerleaders are selling spirit ribbons, temporary spirit tattoos, Lion Pride buttons, Thunder sticks, pom poms.

*Ongoing Fundraiser: SHOPPING!

School name: Granger School

School ID#: 192787

+++Family Book Store on home page and Caring for Classrooms donations count towards student's earning prizes. Merchants purchases raise money for the entire school but will not count for student's Prize Thermometer. All proceeds benefit the school.


Renaissance Testing Dates (Reading & Math Progress Monitoring)

3rd Nine Weeks 01/08/2018 - 01/26/2018

4th Nine Weeks 03/05/2018- 03/30/2018

End of Year 04/23/2018 - 05/11/2018

STAAR, EOC, and Finals Testing Dates:

April 10 & 11 4th Writing and 5th Reading and Math

May 7-11 EOC Exams

May 14 and 15 3-6 STAAR Tests

May 22-24 Finals Week


Tuesday, December 5th in Holland 2nd-8th Grade

Wednesday, December 6th in Granger 3rd-8th Grade

Dec. 13th - JH OAP

Spring - HS Meets (tbd)

Spring - HS OAP (tbd)

Sports Schedules

~Your invited to the sporting events and to share the excitement and support of the hard working Granger ISD Students and Coaches!~

Boys Basketball

Nov. 28 @Gateway 5:00 JV2 6:15 JV! Varsity after JV

Nov. 30-Dec.2nd @ Moody Tourney TBA

Dec. 5 @Florence JV1 5:00 Varsity after JV

Dec. 7@Florence Tourney TBA

Dec. 12 @ Granger vs Bartlett JV1 after Girls Varsity after JV

Dec. 21 @Granger vs Flatonia JV 1:00 V after JV\

Dec. 27-28@Rosebud Tourney Varsity Only TBA

Jan. 4 @ Granger vs Meridian Round Rock JV1 5:00 V after

Lady Lion Basketball

Nov. 28 @Granger vs Florence JV 5:00 V 6:15

Nov. 30 @ Florence Tournament JV & V - TBA

Dec. 5 TSD @Granger JV 5:00, V 6:15

Dec. 7-9 @Brucefille-Eddy Varsity Only TBA

Dec. 12 @ Granger vs Evant Varsity Only 5:00

Dec. 15 @ Cedar Park Ctr vs CTCS TBA

Dec. 16-27 Off for Winter Break

Jan. 5 @Granger vs Holland JV 5:00, V after JV

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