Maverick Minutes

February 8, 2016

I hope you had a great super bowl weekend! Valentine parties are this Friday so be sure you have clearly communicated what you want parents to bring and do (food, valentines, boxes, etc.) If you haven't used Remind to send a picture of your kids working in class, it is a great way to show parents what they are doing!

What have you done in planning to move your rigor and relevance focus forward? Are you planning with the rubrics to make your lessons move out of Quad A every day? Keep reaching for the goal of having Quad D moments every day in every subject! I have attached some documents below that may help you!

The kids are loving Big Brainz in the lab and are even picking it for free time! I hope you will check it out!

This Week At Parkview

Monday, February 8th
  • Collaboration 2nd grade, 7:30-8:10 am
  • grades due 8:00 am
  • TELPAS general training for all classroom, specialists, Jordan, Reiana 3:15 pm
Tuesday, February 9th
  • Collaboration, 1st and 5th grades, 7:30-8:10 am
  • Science walk through 8:30-10:00 to see science journals, evidence of science instruction
  • ARD 10:45
  • ARD speech 1:00
  • Bilingual training at HDC 3:45 pm

Wednesday, February 10th

  • Collaboration, Kinder, 7:30-8:10 am
  • ARD 9:15 am
  • ARD 11:45 am
  • CPAC meeting 3:10 pm

Thursday, February 11th

  • Collaboration 3rd grade, 7:30-8:10
  • Epps meeting 8:30-11:30
  • progress reports go home
  • PBIS meeting 3:10 pm
Friday, February 12th
  • Clubs 7:45-8:20
  • ARD speech 8:20
  • ARD speech 9:15
  • adjusted schedule below
  • Valentine parties 1:30-2:30

Coming Up Next Week!

Monday, 2/15
  • Calibration for TELPAS 3-5 pm
  • Lego club, 6pm
Tuesday, 2/16
  • Calibration for TELPAS 3-5 pm
Wednesday, 2/17
  • Staff meeting, 1st grade snacks; 4th grade Fundamental 5; science vertical team

Thursday, 2/18

  • Fund Raiser for PTA, kick off 3rd-5th 1:30;
  • CPR training 3-5pm
  • Imagine Learning Espanol training 12:30-2:30
  • Calibration for TELPAS 3-5 pm

Friday, 2/19

  • Staff Potluck

Adjusted Schedule for 2/12

8:00-8:20 Clubs

8:20-9:00 3rd

9:00-9:40 2nd

9:40-10:20 Specials

10:20-11:00 1st

11:00-11:40 5th

11:40-12:20 4th

12:20-12:50 lunch specials

12:50-1:30 Kinder

1:30-2:30 specials help in office or at parties

IPAD Cart Schedule

Monday, 2/8 Ingram

Tuesday, 2/9 Doty

Wednesday, 2/10 Davis

Thursday, 2/11 Atherton

Friday, 2/12 Atchley

Monday, 2/15 Ingram

Tuesday 2/16 Ketcham

Wednesday, 2/17 Volyes

Thursday, 2/18 Velasco

Friday, 2/19 Ayars

Coming Up Soon!

2/12 Dance cancelled due to no DJ available--moved to April 8th

2/15 Lego Club

2/15 TELPAS online Calibration 3:00-5:00 pm (downstairs lab)

2/15 TELPAS writing sample collection begins

2/16 TELPAS online Calibration 3:00-5:00 pm (downstairs lab)

2/17 Staff meeting, 1st grade in charge of snack/game; 4th grade Fundamental 5

2/18 PTA fundraiser kick off, 1:30 and 2:00

2/18 Istation Espanol training 12:30-2:30 Upstairs lab

2/18 TELPAS online Calibration 3:00-5:00 pm (downstairs lab)

2/18 CPR training 3-5 pm

2/19 Clubs meet #3

2/19 Staff Potluck

2/23 Social Studies walk-through with Diffie (12 noon-2pm)

2/23 Once Upon a Time Family Math/Reading night meeting, 3:10 pm

2/24 TELPAS online Calibration 3:00-5:00 pm (downstairs lab)

2/26 Clubs meet #4 (last day)

2/26 Early dismissal 11:40 am, staff development 1-3:30

2/29-3-4 Texas Public Schools Week

2/29 Education Foundation Grant applications due

2/29 Grades due 8:00 am

3/2 Class picture day

3/2 Vertical team meetings--STAAR training for all staff (required)

3/3 Family math/reading night

3/3 Epps reading day

3/3 Progress reports go home

3/4 Mom breakfast

3/4 Character Assembly

3/4 Cliburn Piano presentation for 2nd-4th graders 1:30 pm

3/7 PTA board meeting

3/8 Benchmark 3rd-4th math

3/8 TELPAS reading 2nd grade, 5th grade

3/9 Benchmark 3rd-4th reading

3/10 Benchmark 5th science, TELPAS 3rd and 4th reading

3/13 Time change

3/14-18 Spring Break

3/22 PTA meeting

3/25 NO school, weather make up day

3/29 STAAR 4th grade writing, 5th grade math

3/30 STAAR 5th grade reading

TELPAS for all teachers

Reminder of TELPAS general training today at 3:15 pm, for all classroom teachers, specialists and Reiana/Jordan from specials. Refer to an email I sent Friday for details about online basic training that you may have to take before you can calibrate if you have never rated, are changing grade bands, or have not calibrated in more than 3 years.

Rigor and Relevance Ideas!

Examples for real world products, math, ELAR, science, social studies, technology, and art!
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image

Vocabulary Instructional Focus 2015-16

Our new word this week is AUDACIOUS. Words for next two weeks are below if you need a preview (weeks 14 and 15).

Big image


Great job encouraging your kids to bring books! We are gathering and sorting them under the stairs if you didn't bring your yet. We have lots of classes that earned a reward for gathering 100 on their own! Be sure and share a picture and "thanks" with your parents through Remind!


If you have new students enroll during February, be sure to find them a club before the Friday morning rotation! You can ask your friends if they have room or I can check to see which clubs have space.

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