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Loving Kids

Thank you so much for your hard work during the data meetings and parent conferences this week. I know weeks like this can be extremely exhausting. A couple of different nights this week, I fell asleep watching TV and just decided to call it at night at 9:00 because I could not keep my eyes open. The most important lesson that should come out of the data meetings and parent conferences is that we dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of our students. We are in this together, and I trust that you are using the data, but most importantly, that you love kids and have a passion for students, teaching, and learning. I love the following quote because it reminds of my 3rd grade teacher at Club Hill Elementary. I don't remember a lot of what I learned from her, but I remember that she loved me and made me feel special! How are we making kids feel in our classrooms and throughout the school? I enjoy seeing our staff members give a special hug to the student who was sad at drop off, provide words of wisdom when a student makes a mistake, and simply laugh together at different times throughout the day.

Take some time this weekend to spend time with your family and friends and not think about school. You deserve it!

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Abbett Family in Need

know the Abbett staff has a long tradition of being like family to each other and our community. We have a family here at Abbett who is facing some really tough times right now and turning to the school for assistance. If you feel a tug at your heart to help, they are in need to gift cards for groceries, gas, and basic needs. Feel free to let Karen Falls, Leslie Beckler, or myself know if you have any questions. We would like to keep the family's identify anonymous but we are willing to help explain the needs if you would like to help.

As promised, Here are a few links to a few resources that we discussed in data meetings...

Lead 4 Ward

There are also several Lead4Ward links on SchoolNet next to the blueprints under teacher resources. See image below.
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RtI Resources on the Intranet

The Response to Intervention Page on the Intranet has a list of resources to be used for Intervention. Take a look!

Reminders about Packing Up: The 2:55 Bell serves as a signal to begin packing up. Students should not be in the hallways until 3:00 when the first group is called over the PA. Thanks!

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Parent Conference Documentation: Please create a document with dates and times of when you met with each parent in your classroom. Please get this document to me when you have completed the conferences.

2 Weeks Until Spring Break!

Mark Your Calendars!

Monday, February 22--Grades Due at 8:00 PM

Wednesday, February 24-Friday, February 26--5th grade goes to Grady Spruce!

Wednesday, February 24

Food Day--Thank you First and Second Grades!

Thursday, February 25

Betsy out at Grady Spruce

Report Cards Sent Home

Friday, February, 26

No PLCS--Enjoy the extra time!

Pep Rally Moved to March 18

Betsy Out

Tanya Vargas will be here at 3:30 to meet with teachers about next year

Tuesday, March 1

Staff Meeting

PTA Meeting and 2nd Grade Program

Wednesday, March 2

Webb Band Performs for 5th grade during Specials

Thursday, March 3

Student Services Meeting Here at Abbett at 8am regarding transportation for next year

Black History Luncheon

Mavs Man Performs for Grades 3-5

Friday. March 4

Seuss and Seeds Day!