Changes x Tupac

By Carlos Urbano and Jesus Flores

Tupac Changes lyrics (clean)


Come on come on

I see no changes
Wake up in the morning and I ask myself
"Is life worth living? Should I blast myself?"
I'm tired of bein' poor and even worse I'm black
My stomach hurts, so I'm lookin' for a purse to snatch
Cops give a damn about a negro?
Pull the trigger, kill a ....., he's a hero
Give the ..... to the kids who the hell cares?
One less hungry mouth on the welfare
First ship 'em dope and let 'em deal the brothers
Give 'em guns, step back, and watch 'em kill each other
"It's time to fight back", that's what Huey said
2 shots in the dark now Huey's dead
I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere
Unless we share with each other
We gotta start makin' changes
Learn to see me as a brother 'stead of 2 distant strangers
And that's how it's supposed to be
How can the Devil take a brother if he's close to me?
I'd love to go back to when we played as kids
But things change, and that's the way it is

That's just the way it is
Things'll never be the same
That's just the way it is
Oh yeah

That's just the way it is
Things'll never be the same
That's just the way it is
Oh yeah

I see no changes
All I see is racist faces
Misplaced hate makes disgrace for races we under
I wonder what it takes to make this
One better place let's erase the wasted
Take the evil out the people, they'll be acting right
'Cause mo' black than white is smokin' crack tonight
And only time we chill is when we kill each other
It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other
And although it seems heaven sent
We ain't ready to see a black President, uhh
It ain't a secret don't conceal the fact
The penitentiary's packed, and it's filled with blacks
But some things will never change
Try to show another way, but they stayin' in the dope game
Now tell me what's a mother to do?
Bein' real don't appeal to the brother in you
You gotta operate the easy way
"I made a G today" But you made it in a sleazy way
Sellin' crack to the kids. "I gotta get paid"
Well hey, well that's the way it is

That's just the way it is
Things'll never be the same
That's just the way it is
Oh yeah

That's just the way it is
Things'll never be the same
That's just the way it is
Oh yeah

We gotta make a change
It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes
Let's change the way we eat
Let's change the way we live
And let's change the way we treat each other
You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us
To do what we gotta do, to survive

And still I see no changes
Can't a brother get a little peace?
There's war on the streets and the war in the Middle East
Instead of war on poverty
They got a war on drugs so the police can bother me
And I ain't never did a crime I ain't have to do
But now I'm back with the facts givin' 'em back to you
Don't let 'em jack you up, back you up
Crack you up and pimp smack you up
You gotta learn to hold ya own
They get jealous when they see ya with ya mobile phone
But tell the cops they can't touch this
I don't trust this, when they try to rush I bust this
That's the sound of my tune
You say it ain't cool, but mama didn't raise no fool
And as long as I stay black
I gotta stay strapped and I never get to lay back
'Cause I always got to worry 'bout the pay backs
Some buck that I roughed up way back
Comin' back after all these years
Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat. That's the way it is, uhh

That's just the way it is
Things'll never be the same
That's just the way it is
Oh yeah

That's just the way it is
Things'll never be the same
That's just the way it is
Oh yeah

Some things will never change

1. "I see no changes, all I see is racist faces. Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races. We under, I wonder what it takes to make this one better”

This is stating how all he see's in public is racist people and how people especially whites

look at him differently. Also that there's so much hate in that time period that people take out anger out on other races .

2. “There’s a war in the streets and a war in the Middle East. Instead of war on poverty, they got a war on drugs, so the police can bother me”

Tupac talks about how there was poverty where he lived in which caused “war” as in people steeling, using drugs, and causing problems for the police because of blacks being treated differently and not having the same opportunities as others did.

3. “I’m tired of being poor and even worse I’m black. My stomach hurts so I’m looking for a purse to snatch”

In this last lyric he talks about how back then, black people were poor and hungry and since they had no money or job they were out in the streets steeling from other people just to get by.


Tupac Shakur also known as 2pac and sometimes Makareli he was song write, rapper, and a actor.

Born on June 16, 1971, East Harlem New York City.

Sold over 75 million records worldwide because of that he was considered the best selling music artist during his time.

Died on September 13, 1996, Las Vegas Nevada.

The things that motivated him on singing and music writing was where he came from, the streets and neighborhoods he lived in, and living without a father.


This song was released in 1998.

This song is about the racial issues on the streets, and how everyone knows that it will never change; there will always be poverty and homeless people and violence on the streets.

At that time period yes we would agree with this message this song is sending because there was so much racial discrimination in that time period and for African Americans back then it seemed as it would never change or stop.

This song made a significant impact on the issue and era because today you do not usually see racial discrimination against different races as often and in that era it helped mainly blacks get through tough times and fight against racism.