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Three thing you should know about me!

  • I love singing. It's my passion, and i enjoy doing it alot. I practice singing in my sparetime, and right now a friend and I are preparing ourselves to go on YouTube with some covers of some pop music, that my friend is admiring alot. I also sung in the "UnderCover" show from the fall, as a solo-singer in the big headline song; Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a great pleasure for me, and im very proud to get a chance like that!
  • I have moved around a lot in my life. My mother and I have lived both in Sealand, Jutland and on Sams Island. Therefore i dont have the hugest amount of boy-tales from my childhood with the guys here from the Odder area. It also brings some difficulties which i wont go further into detail with here!
  • Since I was a very little guy, my family has brought me to Samsø Festival, and since then it has been a tradition. I really enjoy going to music festival. I have, in my 16 years, been to Samsø Festival 16 times. Once every year when it's up and running. At the age 6 i started visiting other festivals with my family, and the last festival i participated in was my 25th. I will always enjoy festival.

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A professional musician/singer

Three things i would like to do before i kick the bucket