The Twisting and Intriguing Tale.

By Olivia Minner


" I'm trying to help my people!"~ Pocahontas. How well do you really know Pocahontas? Why did she save John Smith? If you want your many questions answered, then read on avid reader, read on. Marrying John Rolf brought peace across the land. Later on in this essay, you will learn about the peace Pocahontas made between the Powhatan Indians and the Jamestown settlers.You will learn about how Pocahontas saved John Smith's life and how that effected the growth of the 13 colonies. Pocahontas was a very interesting person to research, maybe you will too after you read this paper, you know, if you want to read it.

The Marriage of Pocahontas & John Rolfe

Detail One

The legend of Pocahontas is wrong, in the Disney movie, Pocahontas married John Smith. But that's not the case, she married a man by the name of John Rolfe. When the marriage between the two happened, it created peace between the Powhatan Indians and the Jamestown settlers. The strange thing about the marriage is that even though John Rolfe wanted to marry Pocahontas, we don't know if Pocahontas wanted to marry him. An interesting fact is that John Rolfe claimed that by marrying Pocahontas, he was saving her soul, not just marrying her to *kiss*. Their marriage was a big part in the history of Pocahontas because if Pocahontas wouldn't have married John Rolfe, then there probably (most likely) would not have been peace between the Settlers and the Powhatan Indians for quite as long as it actually lasted.

John Rolfe + Pocahontas

Detail 2

This paragraph is about the PEACE Pocahontas created between the Powhatan Indians and the Jamestown settlers. Before long, Powhatan hopes were destroyed because during the "starving time", colonists took food from the Powhatan Indians. In relation, the Powhatan Indians ordered an attack on the colonists for stealing their food, the battle lasted several years. Finally, in 1614, Powhatan's accepted peace with the English, Pocahontas ( after being kidnapped and ransomed) was married to John Rolfe and was taken to England for the rest of her life. Pocahontas created peace by marrying John Rolfe and other things that are not entered in this paragraph.