New 3rd Grade Student: Well, my family is a vegetarian family.

BVE Teacher: Oh really?

New 3rd Grade Student: No! Oops! I mean a veteran family!


We are excited to move to Phase 3 of our reopening plan, which welcomes Oak Harbor Intermediate to the Hybrid Rotation model. Starting next week, OHI families will participate in our “Soft Start,” allowing them the opportunity to meet their homeroom teacher, get a tour of the school, and learn about the new safety and sanitizing expectations. Official in-person instruction begins Monday, Oct. 19, for Group A students.

Our teams for North Whidbey and Oak Harbor High School have already begun their planning, so parents can expect emails in the coming days about planning information they need to ensure a smooth transition when we are ready to move to our next phase.

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How do we make decisions to move forward with a different phase? We receive a weekly update from Island County Public Health on COVID-19 rates in our county. ICPH prepares this report weekly for schools to assist with reopening plans. This data is more current than what is found on Washington Risk Assessment Dashboard.

Current data shows that the average weekly rate for the past four weeks in Island County is 24.46. Our reopening plan for Phase 3 (adding grades 5-6 to hybrid) depends on that rate being below 35, which it is. The weekly rate also appears to be going back down, which is good news. To review our reopening metrics, please click here.
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Our first batch of Chromebook cases has arrived. Each student in grades K-6 should have received their very own case to protect their Chromebook. As a reminder, our Student-Parent Agreement form requires that the protective case remains on the Chromebook at all times to help avoid any damage to the device. These cases are made explicitly for Google Chromebooks. Please let your child’s school know if they didn’t receive one.

Our next set of cases is arriving shortly to issue to students in grades 7-12.

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Need something to do this week? Check out this Facebook page called Community Scavenger Hunt, created by a North Whidbey Middle School 7th grade student.

This clever Cougar wanted a way to combat social isolation during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The goal is to get families out and about in the community while keeping safe and social distancing. Each week, the page posts some clues. Check it out!


Here's your feel-good Friday moment. Meet Broad View Elementary Explorer, Blake. Recently, Blake heard some lessons in Mrs. Hart's class about "filling buckets" that he took to heart.

Last weekend, Blake and his mother were running errands when they noticed two homeless men holding a sign that said "Tacos For Life." Blake read the sign and determined they were hungry and needed tacos. After a quick trip to Taco Bell for a box of tacos, Blake delivered the food to the men, who were thrilled. As Blake and his mom drove away, Blake was moved to tears. When asked why he was crying he replied, "Because I'm so happy they won't be hungry anymore. I just filled their buckets."

The world needs more Blakes! If you have a moment, please go to our Facebook post and drop a note of encouragement to Blake!

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