Making a Horrible Road Trip Great

Don't worry, It can be done.

Oh The Horror!

We have all had to go through it at least once in our life. The aching butts, the stuffy circulating air, and the tight claustrophobic space of the car. Of course, kids, I am talking about the dreaded road trip.The countless hours spent in a car make it almost impossible to look forward to a vacation or trip. No matter the destination, it is often hard to get through without someone feeling angry, fidgety, and/or nauseas. However, awful time in the car, believe it or not, can be less agonizing. It only takes a few steps that can make a drastic change in a road trip experience. I'm serious, just trust me. Follow these few, simple steps, and I can ensure your trip will be less agonizing.

Music to My Ears

If you want to be able to last the whole trip, you are going to have to bring something to do. Nagging your siblings isn't going to last through all those painstaking hours, let me tell you. Instead, utilize the time in the car to enjoy some time for yourself. Leave your parents and siblings alone for two seconds, and plug into some of your favorite tunes. I know how much you love your phones and other electronics, so use them in the car too. Your parents paid good money for those, so why not load them up with something that will keep you entertained? Music is an awesome option to bring along in the car because you can tune into your own world, and maybe sneak a nap if possible. A road trip goes much quicker when you have your favorite artists to listen to instead of the deafening sounds of the others in the car.

Keep Busy

Make sure to have an assortment of items to keep you busy for the long haul. Now, I know that may be asking a lot considering you may have to plan ahead here, but trust me on this one. Having something other than music to keep you occupied is a fantastic way to make a road trip better. Considering the amount of time you may spend sleeping in the car, be sure not to forget your comfiest pillows and/or blankets. But if you tend to have a mind that wanders and needs to stay occupied, word searches and puzzles are great options as well. Books are also fantastic at keeping you preoccupied for long periods of time. If you truly enjoy the long hours spent in close quarters with others then there are plenty of options for games as well. Some include I Spy, the liscence plate game, 20 questions, etc. Choose what method of entertainment is best for you and keep in mind the amount of time you will need to kill when considering what to bring.


Food is an essential apsect in making sure to have a sucessful roadtrip; finding the right satisfying treats can absolutely make or break it. Snacking on delicious, junky food in the car not only provides something to do, but may help settle anger driven by hunger as well. I recommend Twizzler Pull n' Peel because they present an entertaining and yummy way to satisfy snack cravings. Other great road trip food options include Oreos, Pringles, and pretzels. They may be somewhat unhealthy, but they are great snack foods to help keep you busy for a few extra minutes. Like I said, these foods aren't necessarily the best foods for you when it comes to nutrition, but there is a good deal of snacks that are healthy. Some of these include carrots, apples, and low calorie popcorn. Whatever types of snacks you enjoy, make sure to have a lot of them, because I guarantee it will make a difference in your trip!
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Hopefully you won't have to be doing any long distance travel by yourself anytime soon. The people you travel with could have a huge impact in the overall outcome of the journey. I know many times you don't get a choice of who comes along, especially if you are traveling with family. But there are many positives in traveling in a group. One big reason is because of conversation. You may be surprised at how much time passes by when you are engaged in a conversation with those around you. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out more about your friends and family. People are also important in that they can help with directions. No one wants to get lost! Having other companions can help you find where you are desiring to go, or help you pick an appropriate detour if you choose. People are meant to be social, so surround yourself with others to ensure an entertaining travel experience.

Keep In Mind

Lastly, remember that a road trip can only be as fun or as miserable as you make it. By starting off thinking it will be a long, boring trip, it is already destined to end up that way. But if you think positively and try your best to enjoy the company of the people around you, it is more likely it will turn out just fine. Most of these tips apply to road trips spent with others, so remember to keep in mind what they like too. Get to know each other and figure out what you have in common. The better you know the people you are traveling with, the more fun it is likely to be. By following these steps, a foreseen, terrible road trip is bound to turn out great.
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