Secondary English Weekly #22


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Due to the fact that secondary students are coming back to buildings this month, the course meetings happening Tuesday, March 9th, could be a wonderful place for teachers to talk about the changing dynamic of teaching cohorts face-to-face, while having asynchronous days. Everyone is anxious about how to handle planning and facilitation of the new teaching schedule and being able to talk and share ideas about this in a course meeting could be just the kind of support everyone needs. No one will be an expert on this as it is new, but talking through ideas will be helpful to all. These meetings also provide a chance to
  • share how you are making the most of our adopted resources (e. g. StudySync) to maximize student learning,
  • show teaching ideas that have worked well this year,
  • ask other colleagues how they are handling something you want to try, etc.
There is no set agenda for these meetings, so bring your ideas to share. Below are the times and links to each of the meetings. No registration is needed, but .5 CEUs will be awarded to attendees, so be sure to fill out attendance form that is given at the meeting.

Tuesday, March 9th




Monday, March 8th

Tuesday, March 9th

Wednesday, March 10th
  • TeachingBooks Webinar Contactless Book Choosing- TeachingBooks 11AM
  • English Chair Meeting 3:30-5:30 PM
  • StudySync Webinar: Basic Training: Introducing StudySync 4-4:30 PM — Register
  • Reading Like a Historian Institute 1, Session 2: Introduction to Reading Like a Historian Curriculum and Beyond the Bubble Assessments 6-8 PM Register Here
Thursday, March 11th

Saturday, March 13th

  • THURBER HOUSE Winter Writing Wizards for Grades 6-8 Register 10-11:30AM and/or 12-1:20PM

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Secondary to Begin COHORT TEACHING

Teachers across all secondary disciplines are trying to plan for the upcoming transition to cohort teaching that involves both face-to-face and asynchronous learning days. This is NOT an easy model to plan for and facilitate and there is no one "right" way to structure learning. Below are some items that could prove useful.

HONORS English 9 teachers-Your Opinion Wanted

Meghan Kelly, an editorial assistant at Bedford, Freeman & Worth High School Publishers, is looking for teachers using our Honors English 9 adopted text, Foundations of Language & Literature, who would be willing to provide feedback on their experience with the book. This would be a comprehensive review and would take roughly two hours. The review is due by March 15th. In recognition of your time and expertise, Bedford would offer you a $200 honorarium. If you are interested, email Meghan ( and she will send the survey link.

NCTE/Library of Congress Webinar with US Poet Laureate

Join NCTE and the LOC us for a special webinar on "Teaching Poetry: Living Nations, Living Words" on Wednesday, March 24, at 4 PM. Living Nations, Living Words is the signature project of US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo. Leading the discussion will be specialists from the Library of Congress and members of the National Council of Teachers of English and the National Council for the Social Studies. This event is open to the public; NCTE membership not required. Register HERE.


CCS students are encouraged to work with artists, teachers, and professional authors over five days filled with fun activities designed to develop every young writer’s talent at one of the Thurber Summer Writing Camps. This year, they're offering two options to enjoy camp: virtual OR in-person. The in-person and virtual camps are almost identical in activities, so students should only register for one week either for in-person or online.
  • In-person camps will be held at Thurber Center, 91 Jefferson Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215, from 9:00 am–12:00 pm. For parking and accessibility information, click here.
  • Virtual camps will be held on Zoom from 1:00 pm–4:00 pm Eastern Time. You don't have to be in Ohio during the time of the camp to join the virtual camps.


RISING 4TH–6TH GRADERS July 12–16, July 19–23, July 26–30, OR Aug. 2–6

  • In-person camp (Thurber Center): 9:00 am–12:00 pm
  • Virtual camp (Zoom): 1:00–4:00 pm Eastern Time
  • They've packed your week full of so many writing adventures that you might get writer's cramp! They have mysteries for you to solve, new poetry styles for you to try, ghost stories to write, fairy tales to rewrite, and more. Tuition: $175

RISING 7TH–9TH GRADERS June 7–11, June 14–18, June 21–25, OR June 28–July 2

  • In-person camp (Thurber Center): 9:00 am–12:00 pm
  • Virtual camp (Zoom): 1:00–4:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Writer's block? Not this week. You will learn how to get inspiration from everything, from creepy photos to letters to poems to music to personal experience and more. Not only will you have fun writing, but you'll learn all the tools to fight writer's block! Tuition: $175
-Students who need financial assistance may enter a lottery for one of a limited number of full or partial scholarships. They are only able to offer one scholarship per family at this time. To apply, fill out the regular registration form, check the applicable boxes, and include the $10 registration fee. This will put you in the lottery. They will notify all scholarship applicants of their status the week of May 10. For questions about the scholarship or how to apply, please email Scholarship spaces are reserved in the requested week along with all other registrations. Since our camps fill quickly, we recommend registering as soon as possible.

SIJO Student Competitions and Teacher Workshops offered by East Asian Studies Center at The Ohio State University

The East Asian Studies Center at The Ohio State University is excited to announce a new self-paced, asynchronous workshop, SIJO (Korean Poetry) for teachers and the Ohio Sijo Student Competition for K-12 students. If students are new to SIJO there are materials available to help them learn about and write Sijo poetry.

Feb – May 1, 2021: “Ohio Sijo (Korean Poetry) Student Competition”

Feb – May 1, 2021: “Sijo (Korean Poetry) Workshop”

  • Who: Any educator in any state (pre-service and in-service teachers, librarians, administrators, others)
  • Where: Online
  • When: Self-paced, asynchronous (2 contact hours), Deadline May 1, 2021
  • What: Teachers will learn about the history and structure of Sijo (Korean Poetry) and how to teach it to their students through online lectures, presentations, examples, and teaching materials. Information about the 2021 Ohio Sijo Competition will be included as well.
  • Website: Sijo Teacher Workshop
  • Registration (required): online link
  • Flyer: Sijo Teacher Workshop 2021



If you hosted an African American Read In during the month of February, complete this Host Report Card submission form after your event by March 15, 2021.


Beyond the Black Screen Seance: Using Pear Deck for Student Engagement Tool
    • Presenter: Georgia O’Hara, Centennial High School Science Teacher

    • Date/Time: March 9 (2:45-3:45), March 11 (3:30-4:30)

    • Location:

    • Target Audience: Teachers and other professionals that use presentations

    • Are you tired of asking for signs of life while looking at a sea of black screens? Pear Deck is a Google Slide Extension that allows you to engage with students in a variety of ways, both synchronous and asynchronously, and integrates with Google Classroom. It allows you to view and highlight student responses, as well as download them for assessment later. We will go through the basics as well as premium features so that you will leave comfortable with implementation.

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Dominion Students Advance in Power of the Pen Competition

Eleven students from Dominion have advanced to the state Power of the Pen competition after competing in the South-Central Regionals on February 20th. Opal Shipley, 7th grade, came in 4th place; Clemmie Easton, 8th grade, came in 10th place; and Dominion's 7th grade team came in 3rd place overall. Congratulations and Best of Luck to these students.
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  • A Quick Search of the StudySync Library (filtered for WOMEN'S LITERATURE) will bring up 141 texts. This Women's Literature in StudySync Google Sheet lists those texts and many more (almost 600) that can be found inside StudySync. The list contains information about author, year published, text type, and if it is included in a StudySync Unit. Think about how you can celebrate Women's History Month through text in your classroom.



  • What Says She? Listening to Women’s Voices in Shakespeare Mar 11, 2021 08:00 PM Dr. Peggy O’Brien, the Folger’s Director of Education, speaks with Dr. Kathryn Vomero Santos, Assistant Professor of English at Trinity University, about gender in Shakespeare. This talk will use an intersectional feminist lens to consider the gendered construction of speech and silence in Shakespeare’s plays and their afterlives. Examine how we hear women in Shakespeare’s play when they don’t speak and how to listen to them when they speak back. Register here!
  • Folger ENCORES: Rita Dove reads from "Shakespeare's Sisters" In this video, former U.S. Poet Laureate Rita Dove reads a response to three lines that Queen Elizabeth I carved into a window during a period of confinement along with four other poems from her past collections. It was part of a 2012 exhibition entitled Shakespeare's Sisters, highlighting the remarkable if less well-known work of 15th- and 16th-century women from England and continental Europe. Click here to listen to an audio recording of the full event which included Linda Gregerson, Elizabeth Nunez, Jacqueline Osherow, Linda Pastan, and Jane Smiley offering their work in response to their early antecedents.




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What are the secondary english curriculum resources?

Here is the CCS Adopted, Supplemental, and Intervention Resources List that contains all of the resources available to secondary English teachers.

  • The Tier I Instructional Resources are StudySync (English 6-12) and the Bedford Texts/Launchpad (Honors and AP English).
  • The Tier II Intervention Resource is Achieve3000
  • The Supplemental Resources (in general) are TeachingBooks and DBQ.

You can see more about StudySync, Bedford, TeachingBooks, and DBQ below in this same section of the newsletter. This information will remain here all year for your convenience.

Visit the ELA 6-12 Webpage for all Secondary English Curriculum/Resources. You will find your COURSE FOLDERS on the Curriculum/Instructional Resources Quick Links for your Grade Level. The COURSE FOLDERS have everything you need for your courses including Curriculum Maps, Standard docs, digital novels, adopted resource trainings/tutorials, Course Intros, etc.

NOTE: To access many curricular and district, you must be logged into Google using your CCS credentials and not a personal account.

Content Priorities-What Matters Most in English Under the Constraints of Remote/Pandemic Teaching and Learning

We all know that remote teaching during a global pandemic inherently leads to a slower teaching and learning pace. The director of Secondary Curriculum asked me to put together some slides for how to adapt to the slower pace by showing what the three main priorities would be for teaching English in our new normal. The priorities are not much different than what they would be in a face-to-face situation, but they are narrowed and more focused.

Priority I: Essential Practice

  • significant instructional time with ELA disciplines: reading, writing, discussion

  • strategies/scaffolds for comprehension and composition that transfer across texts/contexts

Priority 2: Standard Alignment

  • questioning/activities/lessons/assessments that apply standard knowledge and skills to ELA disciplines: reading, writing, discussion

  • heavier focus on targeted standards from OST
  • awareness of PreAP/AP standards (Honors & AP)

Priority 3: Adopted Resource

  • use of StudySync (English 6-12) for integrated, on-grade-level, scaffolded lessons that inherently include Priorities 1 and 2

  • use of Bedford texts/Launchpad (Honors & AP) for foundational, skill, and theme/topic lessons that that inherently include Priorities 1 and 2

-In general, the first priority focuses on the essential practices for your classroom time. The second priority lists the standards that you should focus on the most for questions, activities, lessons, and assessments using the grade-level, complex texts from your essential practice in priority one. It may be that those priority standards become your narrowed focus for the rest of the year. The third priority shows you how the adopted resources inherently meet priorities one and two. It should be noted that in StudySync, you teach all of the standards listed in priority two in the first four CORE ELA units for your grade level. It may be that you try to do just those four units instead of six this school year due to our slower pace caused by remote learning.

-Below are the slides with the priorities detailed including which standards are the most important for preparing a student to be college and career ready and to do well on the OST. You will find resource links from the CCS ELA 6-12 Webpage and our adopted resources for meeting the priorities. You will find research behind each of the priorities and why they are the most important for a narrowed focus. You will want to read through each carefully as they each contain several items of information.


Content Priorities ELA 6-8

Content Priorities English 9-12

Content Priorities Honors 9-10/AP 11-12

-You can also find the Content Priority Slides on the ELA 6-12 Webpage in the "CCS ELA GUIDING DOCUMENTS" section of the Curriculum/Instructional Resources 6-8 and the Curriculum/Instructional Resources 9-12 Quick Link pages.


-You AND your students access StudySync via the Clever icon or Click on the McGraw Hill icon. Then, launch the StudySync App.

-Your classes are marked with X and Y. The X classes were for first semester and the Y classes are for second semester. If you want to change the names of your classes in StudySync, follow this guide:

StudySync-How to Change Course Names

-Here is information about linking StudySync to Google Classroom.

-Here is the demo code for StudySync in case you have a student teacher, building coach, or admin that wants to see the platform and they do not have a class aligned in Clever/IC.

  • DEMO:
  • UN: studysync2021
  • PW: MHEela21


Help Center

Finding the Help Center in StudySync (video)

-Remember, if you have a question that deals with CCS infrastructure as it relates to StudySync (Clever, rostering, IC, etc.), those questions would be for Tim Wangler.

Tutorials, Trainings, and Webinars

Ask-an-Expert Sessions

Remote Teaching Documents

Resources/ Links from StudySync Training Presenters

Teacher Resources from StudySync:

Administration Resources from StudySync:

Here are the finalized/updated support emails/numbers for McGraw Hill.

Teacher Support McGraw Hill

Administrator Support McGraw Hill

Student/Parent Support McGraw Hill

studysync usage

StudySync should be used in the same manner as any adopted "textbook." It is the place where the CORE ELA Units for Grades 6-12 are housed (print-student consumable; digital-StudySync online). It is where students access grade-level, complex texts that they will read, write about, and have discussions around. It is the resource that offers scaffolding at point of use for students to access complex texts. It is the place where standards are mastered using reading, writing, and skill lessons. It is the place where you have a up-to-date information on how your students are mastering standards because the StudySync grade book has a Standards view that allows you to see every assignment a student has done aligned to a standard and offers ideas for remediation (StudySync Gradebook & Data Analysis). It is NOT a literacy intervention tool like Achieve3000 that has programmatic goals for students. It is important to make this distinction because teachers need to take ownership of using StudySync as their Tier 1 Instructional resource. The bulk of your curriculum should come from StudySync. Teachers are still free to add and take away from the units, just as you might have a textbook in the past. However, it is not ok to just use StudySync for testing and blasts. If you have been doing that, please make the change to using StudySync's CORE ELA Units. The first read, skill, close read routine found there is exactly what our students need to master standards using complex text. It is also important to note that StudySync is not a supplemental product, like TeachingBooks or DBQ Online. Those are available for your use but should not be the place you go to for the bulk of your curriculum.

BEDFORD/LAUNCHPAD access and support


To get to Launchpad through Clever, click the Launchpad icon and click on the name of class/textbook. Student texts were sent to the buildings. All students have a hardback text, Honors students should also have a workbook. If you experienced problems with Launchpad since the change to second semester, those should be fixed now. Reach out to Tim Wangler if you encounter any other issues.



Trainings and Tutorials
Bedford Overviews, Slideshows, Trainings, and Tutorials

AP Professional Development Online Workshops

Learn More about these online workshops. Register Here.

Updated AP Course Pacing Guides (Due to Pandemic)

TeachingBooks Access and Support


You AND your students access TeachingBooks via the Clever icon or Click on the TeachingBooks icon.

UPCOMING PD (20-Minute Webinars)


-TeachingBooks is the tool that houses the lists of books we have in the warehouse and in the Secondary English Curriculum Office. Use this TeachingBooks Tutorial to learn how to access the CCS book lists.

- TeachingBooks also is a place to get additional novel and author resources. These Overview videos/trainings from TeachingBooks can help you understand the resources: Introduction video I Slide Presentation and Training Script.

-October 16th PD Session for CCS: Virtual and Blending Learning Recording

-February 3rd PD Session for CCS: Booklists, Virtual Ideas, and More on TeachingBooks

DBQ Literature Mini-Qs: Supplemental Resource access and support

DBQ has given us FREE access to the Literature Mini-Qs this school year. You access them via via the Clever icon or Click on the The DBQ Project icon. Each school also has a hard-copy binder of the lessons. Making copies of these for subs would be a great way to have standard-aligned, high-quality lessons since subs will not/may not have access to StudySync.

--Access Live and Self-Paced PD for DBQ Here.

  • Open Self-Paced Courses: asynchronous course with a run time around 5 hours that aims to familiarize teachers with The DBQ Project Method.
  • Open Virtual Workshops: live workshops with a DBQ Project Professional Development Lead. 2 hours long, these workshops are built to help teachers with DBQ Project material and DBQ Online with a specific focus on remote and hybrid-learning needs.

--Here is a Smore for DBQ Online Educator Support.

--Here is a Smore for DBQ Online Student Support

--Check out the newest addition to the DBQ Platform, Unit Trailers, with this sample for

How Does The Great Gatsby Reflect America in the Twenties?

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The next course meeting day is TUESDAY, March 9th. If you have ever wanted to talk to other English teachers in the district about teaching ideas for the course(s) you instruct, now is your chance to join a Zoom session to

  • see how they are making the most of our adopted resources (e. g. StudySync) to maximize student learning,
  • show teaching ideas that have worked well this year,
  • ask other colleagues how they are handling something you want to try, etc.

There is no set agenda for these meetings, so bring your ideas to share. The district will plan to have some Course Meetings every second, Tuesday. The remaining dates are 4/13 and 5/11. We may not be able to have every course, every month due to the available number of hosting Zoom rooms, but we will offer as many as we can. You will be able to find the ones available for each date in this newsletter the week of the meetings. Below are the ones for this week (MARCH 9TH).


View the FREE Webinars here.

-Up next is Developing & Using Success Criteria to Maximize Teaching and Learning Monday, March 8, 2021 - 3:30pm Presented by John Almarode, Douglas Fisher, Kateri Thunder, and Nancy Frey


Culturally Relevant and Responsive: Literacy Instruction in 2021 and Beyond-Tuesday, March 9 | 1:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.

This is a three-hour event, with a keynote from groundbreaking scholar Gloria Ladson-Billings, designed to guide literacy educators and leaders through the work of creating an inclusive school environment—one that respects and reflects all learners.

Topics include:

  • How educators can identify the effects their own backgrounds and implicit biases have on teaching and learning
  • How to question pedagogy and policies that negatively impact learner outcomes
  • Proactive steps literacy and school leaders can take to dismantle oppressive systems

Registration: $99


Join SLJ for Middle Grade Magic 2021 to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at some of the most anticipated new titles for kids and tweens, from modern coming-of-age tales to eye-popping graphic novels to submersive fantasy. You'll also hear from librarians, who will share how they’ve incorporated programs and activities focused exclusively on this age group. Attendees will also have the opportunity to check out the virtual exhibit hall, chat directly with authors, download educational resources, and enter to win prizes and giveaways.Register Here for Middle Grade Magic. Event Hours: 9:00AM ET - 5:00PM ET



Here are some FREE Webinars being offered from Folger Teaching.

  • What Says She? Listening to Women’s Voices in Shakespeare Mar 11, 2021 08:00 PM Dr. Peggy O’Brien, the Folger’s Director of Education, speaks with Dr. Kathryn Vomero Santos, Assistant Professor of English at Trinity University, about gender in Shakespeare. This talk will use an intersectional feminist lens to consider the gendered construction of speech and silence in Shakespeare’s plays and their afterlives. Examine how we hear women in Shakespeare’s play when they don’t speak and how to listen to them when they speak back. Register here!
  • Shakespeare to Malcolm X: Helping ALL Students Grapple with Race and Complex Texts Thursday, March 25th at 8PM Light up your classroom, online and in real life. Learn how to set up a zone of student-centered, language-focused discovery. Let your students amaze you with their ability to make meaning from texts, all on their own. Experience firsthand a subversive, equitable way of getting students inside the language of complex texts. A way that works to engage and excite EVERY learner. A method beloved by teachers and students everywhere. An approach to teaching literary and informational texts that thousands of educators have called “transformative” and “life-changing.” Work through the same strategically scaffolded sequence of activities that you will do with your students, whether you’re online, in person, or hybrid. Engage with an intentionally created text set including such writers as Amanda Gorman, Yaa Gyasi, Julia Alvarez, Kazim Ali, Malcolm X, William Shakespeare, Jason Reynolds, Mary Shelley, and Suji Kwok Kim. Walk away with techniques you can use tomorrow and every day to help ALL students read with skill and confidence. Join the Folger community of brilliant, curious, caring, and committed teachers, and gain colleagues, ideas, and resources that will inspire you for the rest of your teaching life. Register here!

Here is another Webinar being offered from Folger Teaching as part of their membership ($40/year). Become a Teacher Member

  • Here’s to Black Women Poets, Part II. May We Know Them. May We Read Them. May We Teach Them. March 18, 2021 at 8:00PM You may know Gwendolyn Brooks, but do you know Lucille Clifton? Join poet, instructor, and the Folger’s own Poetry Coordinator Teri Cross Davis along with Maryam Trowell, Manager of Teacher and Student Programs, for the second exploration of Black women poets you know and those you should be teaching. Immerse yourself in the words of Black women poets in America, get your questions answered, and walk away with ideas for a text set that will spark the ears, eyes, and the minds of your students. This 30-minute workshop is exclusively for Teacher Members. Info here.


Andy Chow with Ohio Public Radio/TV would like to start a speaking/outreach program where he and his colleague talk to high school students about the career possibilities in journalism and broadcasting. They would visit your classes (virtually) to talk about the careers and answer any questions. If you are interested in this, please reach out to Andy at


The Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts sessions from OCTELA 21 are available at their site for members of OCTELA who registered for the conference. Visit the CONFERENCE PORTAL to access the recordings.


The Ohio Department of Education is offering all content from the Ohio Literacy Academy 2021 to all Ohio educators. Visit the Ohio Literacy Academy 2021 page to learn more about the content offerings, access videos, see the viewing guides, and take note of further content to be added in March and May. This Vimeo site: Ohio Literacy Academy 2021 on-demand videos has over 35 sessions that you can view. Districts, schools, and early childhood education programs are encouraged to use these resources as part of a comprehensive professional learning plan. Here are the sessions that were included in the 6-12 and multi-age bands:

NCTE SEEKS JOURNAL EDITOR for English Leadership Quarterly

NCTE’s Conference on English Leadership (CEL) is seeking the next editor of English Leadership Quarterly. Finalists will be interviewed via videoconference in spring 2021. The applicant appointed by the CEL Executive Committee will effect a transition, preparing for their first issue in August 2022. The appointment is for four years, renewable for three years. Learn more about the application process here.


-Check out the current offerings HERE.


Institute 1: Introduction to Reading Like a Historian Curriculum and Beyond the Bubble Assessments February 24, March 10, and March 24, 2021; 6-8pm ET

Institute 2: Designing and Adapting Reading Like a Historian Curriculum March 3, March 17, and March 31, 2021; 6-8pm ET



Here is the line-up for the upcoming author events at Gramercy Books on Main Street in Bexley.


Here is the rest of the supurb line-up for this season.

Registration will open soon for the rest of these author talks at the Carnegie Author Series site.

  • Lisa Wingate (Before We Were Yours), August 29, 2pm
  • Wil Haygood (Tigerland), October 7, 7pm; Remember this is the book about East High School. You could plan to read it at the beginning of next school year and have your students attend his author talk.
  • Brit Bennett (The Vanishing Half) December 5, 2pm


The Ohio Teacher of the Year program annually identifies exceptional teachers and celebrates their effective, inspiring work both inside and outside of the classroom. The Department currently is accepting nominations for this prestigious honor. Submit nominations by April 9.


Through a memorandum of understanding with Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, the Ohio Department of Education and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Chicago invite Ohio English language arts, English as a second language and world language teachers to apply to the Teaching English in Taiwan Program. The program seeks new, experienced, and recently retired teachers who hold current Ohio licensure. Educators selected to work in Taiwan will teach English to elementary or middle school students for one academic year. Teaching contracts are from 10 to 11 months, depending on the placement.

Teaching English in Taiwan Program applications due by April 23

THE EAST ASIAN STUDIES CENTER AT THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY is pleased to offer free opportunities for K-12 teachers in Summer 2021. These seminars fill quickly, so register early.

JULY 12-23, 2021: NCTA “The Journey of East Asia: Adventures Through Stories, Games, and Maps”

JUNE 7-18, 2021: Global Teacher Seminar: “Global Social Justice, Activism, and Protests”


AMLE will host an Institute for Middle Level Leadership July 11-14 at Renaissance Orlando at Sea World in Florida. In addition to providing unparalleled training for middle school leaders and teams, the Institute will also be an opportunity for educators to reflect and grow from this past year’s challenges and look to the future. Registration is open! Space will be limited due to social distancing, to save your spot get your name on the list today. Reserve your Spot.

In addition to providing world-class faculty who will provide personalized coaching on the most pressing topics in middle school education, this Institute will be a unique opportunity for attendees to receive in-depth training on AMLE’s newly updated foundational text, The Successful Middle School: This We Believe.


HERE is the contest to win $500 in Books.

HERE is the grant opportunity to win $1,000 in Books


Use MLEM21 at checkout for 20% off AMLE store where shipping is always free for AMLE members. During the entire month of March all orders will receive a bonus FREE copy of The Successful Middle School: This We Believe.


HERE are the highlighted contests and giveaways for February 2021.


HERE are the highlighted contests and giveaways.

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Students in 9th–12th grade who love writing stories, crafting new worlds, and building never-before-seen characters, should sign up for Thurber House's Young Writers' Studio! Young Writers' Studio will be held online on Zoom until it's safe to meet in person. They meet every other week with author and English professor Robert Loss. They kick off the first hour with quality writing prompts and activities. They wrap up the last hour with the chance to workshop pieces that you or others share. It's a safe, low-key, fun way to enjoy writing and meet others!

Click Here to Learn More; Click Here to Register

Winter/Spring 2021 Schedule (6:30-8:30pm on Select Tuesdays)

  • Tuesday, March 2
  • Tuesday, March 16
  • Tuesday, March 30
  • Tuesday, April 13
  • Tuesday, April 27

A limited number of scholarships are available for this program. Email for more information.


The Winter Writing Wizards Classes for Grades 6, 7, and 8, will meet via Zoom on Saturdays: February 27 and March 6, 13, 20 Learn More; Register for Writing Wizards

You can sign up for one or both sets of classes.

  • Poems for Life 10:00 – 11:30 am ET The world is full of weird events...murder hornets?! You’ll learn to look at real-world events like a poet, and have fun reinventing them through your writing and making your voice heard.
  • Ensembles Assemble! 12:00 – 1:30 pm ET What if we make a whole ensemble of vampires, robots, and more, each created by a person in the class, all in the same shared story? Writing a character is fun—but writing a universe together is magical.


For $15 students aged 9-14 can join a 50-minute class where they will discuss and sing along with Hamilton. They'll discuss how Hamilton came to Broadway, play some trivia, and learn and talk about topics they initiate. Classes are available through March 27th, but they are filling up fast. Check out all of the classes and register HERE.


Here are two writing contest from NCTE.

Achievement Awards in Writing (for 11th grade students)

This school-based writing program encourages high school students in their writing and publicly recognizes some of the best student writers in the nation. NEW Deadline March 26

Promising Young Writers (for 8th grade students)

This school-based writing program stimulates and recognizes student’s writing talents and emphasizes the importance of writing skills among eighth-grade students. NEW Deadline March 26


Humanities Moments

Through the National Humanities Center’s Humanities Moments project, users submit short videos and essays recalling how an encounter with the humanities, whether through a book, film, document, performance, or something else, profoundly affected their lives.

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Dirty Heads - Vacation (Official Video)

did you miss earlier issues of the secondary english weekly newsletter?

Each week, this Secondary English Weekly Newsletter will be linked in an email sent to ELA and ELA-related teachers in Grades 6-12 and posted on the CCS English Language Arts 6-12 Page ( It will contain all of the latest information that could prove useful to you and your students. If you know of anyone who needs to be added to the mailing list, please send their name(s) to cphillips3865@columbus.k12.oh. Happy Educating!