Lansing Intermediate Roar

5th Edition, 12-1-2022

Principal's Message - Mr. Altieri

December is upon us and LIS is in a whirlwind three-week period that includes academics that are a culmination of the first semester, state testing, musical performances, and holiday activities. I am extremely proud of our staff for how smoothly the first semester has gone.

Our building leadership team, working in conjunction with site council and internal committees, continues to evaluate instructional practices, policies, enrichment opportunities, professional development, and much more to make LIS a better experience for everyone.

We are grateful to our LIS school community for your continued support of students and staff. We have a slightly longer Christmas Break this year. Please spend time with your families, get some rest and relaxation, and do fun educational activities (jigsaw puzzles, board games, legos, etc), and we will see you in 2023!

Front Office Dispatch

Prepare for the cold weather and make sure the kids have a coat. If they don't have a coat and it's below 32 degrees they will not be allowed outside.

Please keep in mind that our building opens at 8am (9am on late start days). There is no supervision for students who are dropped off prior to the building opening.

Please check fees in Skyward. If you have any questions or issues, contact Jennifer Grant (

When your child is absent, please remember to call the attendance line 913-297-0990 (option 1) before 9:30am to report the absence. You can also report the absence by emailing

Nurse News

As the days grow shorter and colder ...

Healthy Tips for Winter for Children:

1 Get plenty of REST (Enforce good sleep patterns)

2 Stay HYDRATED (Drink water throughout the day)

3 Encourage ACTIVE playtime (Outside is always best!)

4 Limit SUGAR intake (Allow one treat per day)

5 Eat fruits and veggies

6 Change out toothbrushes ( LIS sent new toothbrushes home before Thanksgiving Break)


Better Health, Better Learning!

Nurse Chris

Counselor's Corner

Hello parents! First, a big thank you for all your support with the Kindness Club Holiday Food Drive! It is so wonderful to have such a supporting and giving school family. Our food drive made a big difference in being able to support families in our district during the holidays.

Small groups are finishing up this week. What a fun group of students! Spring groups will start in January. We are starting our lessons on Social Thinking this month and will continue after the holidays. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday break!

Mrs. Farrar

Fourth Grade - Linda Nowak

Fourth grade is going strong these last few weeks before winter break. I am so proud of the growth and hard work from the students over the semester. Their academic growth shows as we discuss difficult math topics (long division!), read challenging texts, and write different types of essays. Ask your child what academic areas of growth they are proud of!

During this math chapter on long division, I have seen frustration, a few tears, and LOTS of "I get it!!" moments. I love to celebrate their success with them! We will start factors and multiples after our division test. Our class will continue focusing on community involvement in our ELA curriculum. As we read biographies, we are learning how one person can have a big impact for others. Science has been a lot of fun! We have been studying body systems in our Human Machine unit. We have explored how muscles move bones by building a robot finger, made models of our eyes to understand how they work, and learned how our brain tries to make sense of its environment through experiments and reaction times. In social studies, we are learning about the west region of the United States.

Fifth Grade - Sarah Palikij

We have been so busy this quarter! We just finished up our unit on Native Americans. Students learned about the different regions and cultures of the Native American peoples. They did a research paper on a tribe that they chose. We are moving on in Social Studies to learn about European explorers.

In math, we are just finishing up our final unit on decimals. We will be assessing dividing decimals this week! Our class will be moving on to adding and subtracting fractions in the next few weeks.

Our reading focus has been on theme. We have read a variety of genres such as poetry, folktales, and realistic fiction stories that have a lesson or moral in them. We will continue to discuss theme in our upcoming stories, as well as address cause and effect and summarizing.

All students have been working extremely hard this quarter. I am very proud of all of them. I look forward to celebrating all their achievements at the end of the quarter!

STEM - Suzanne Phillips

This past month 4th and 5th graders had theme related STEM Challenges.

Fourth graders finished up an October Challenge to design and create the best Skeleton out of QTips. The second part of the month fourth graders were challenged to design and build a candy pumpkin maze. As part of the challenge the maze must have 3 turns, not use your hands, and have the fastest time. The fastest time was actually .88 seconds. WOW!

Fifth graders finished testing and checking the results of their water filters. Then they worked with potential and kinetic energy by working through the engineering design process and designing and creating a turkey catapult. The winning distance for all 5th grade classes was 17 feet.

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Brenda Mace

Brenda runs our kitchen like a well-oiled (buttered?) machine! The nutritional needs of our students are met and any issues that come up are addressed, and solved, promptly. The kitchen workers she leads are helpful, positive, and hard-working! Brenda even let Mr. Altieri serve while wearing his food ties and toss ice cream cups to students.
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Standards-Based Grading

We have received questions about the standards-based grading system we adopted this year. While you can find lots of information on the grading system through this article, we included a graphic below to help focus on the main ideas. In the past, the overall grade has been an aggregate of assessed skills in classrooms. Our new system merely breaks it down so parents can see how well their child is performing in those specific skills.
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Morning Student Drop-off Procedures

LIS Parents,

We want to ensure our students arrive at school safely. Please help us by reviewing our car drop off procedures.

  1. Do not back up traffic by turning left from Ida. Cars have been swerving around backed up traffic and it is dangerous for everyone involved.

  2. If you plan to sit in the car with your child, and not immediately drop off, pull forward to the end of the cones to prevent traffic backing up to Ida.

  3. Circle around the parking lot back to Ida after dropping off.

  4. Be patient. Saving thirty seconds of time is not worth endangering our students.

  5. Reach out to school staff if there are issues you see that need to be addressed. We are always looking to make drop off more efficient and streamlined.

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Upcoming Events:

Dec. 13 - Loyal Lansingers, 930am - 5th grade; 130pm - 4th grade

Dec. 15 - Fourth Grade field trip, 930am-1230pm

Dec. 16 - Christmas Parties, 2-3pm

Dec. 16 - End of the Second Quarter

Dec. 19 - Jan. 4 - No School - Christmas Break 🎄☃️❄️🧑‍🎄

PTA News and Links:

Dec. 1 - Celebrate Winter @LES, 5-7pm

Dec. 9 - Kids Night Out @LES, 530-830pm

Dec. 14 - Papa John's Fundraiser (see flyer below)

Dec. 15 - PTA meeting @LES library 630pm; childcare provided

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