Team Schwader

June Newsletter

Hey Ladies!

This month was an amazing special, and I realize its also a very busy time of year for everyone! You ladies were rockstars & still were able to pull awesome numbers!

Total Team Sales were $7,060!! Thats amazing ladies!!!!!

The top party amount was $1,637--CONGRATS EMILY EHLKE!!!!!!

To get your July off to an amazing start-

I am encouraging you to all make a customer page on Facebook--if you have thats great, if not-its an amazing way to advertise your 31 business! I personally hold 'guessing games' and do random trivia on there to keep people interested in the group page. Its a great way to get rid of retired items, or sometimes I'll give a $ amount off that HAS to be used that month--another great way to boost monthly sales! Have you thought of creating an incentive for bookings? These are all great ideas to promote your business and keep the bookings flowing in!

I'd like to visit individually with you all and set up your goals for the fiscal year (June-May)...its a great way to have an accountability partner & to check in with each other to make sure we are hitting our goals! So I will be in touch with each of you to arrange a time we can visit over the phone :)

This past week I had the opportunity to experience National Conference in Denver. There are really no words to describe my experience....the friendships & inspiration that you experience is AMAZING!!! We had 5 great speakers-one of whom was Leigh Anne Tuohy (You may have watched her life story on the movie The Blind Side). She was so motivational that the arena was filled with tears--some from laughing, but most from her inspiration!! If you ever get a chance to attend a seminar or conference that she's speaking, you won't be disappointed!!!

By saying that, I'd LOVE to have you all by my side at National Conference 2015--they will be releasing the date & location on July 25 on How much did it cost me? I earned the conference for FREE, so had to pay for my flight & hotel...and some food--it really wasn't too costly, but I saved throughout the year, so it wasn't too hard on my checkbook :) Make it one of your goals for next year!!!

I will be hosting the August C&C (celebrate & connect) at the Comfort Inn in Mitchell on Sunday August 10 @ 4pm. I encourage you all to sign up for a C&C in your area if at all possible!! Its a great educating time...PLUS one of the perks is that you receive an AMENITY for attending!! And this amenity that you'll be receiving is the September special, so you won't want to miss it!!!

I am also going to be creating a Team Schwader Facebook page, so that will be another great place to connect with each other & to encourage each other to reach our goals!

This is the top of our upline--our NED (National Executive Director) Michelle Beckett

She is such an inspiration and a tremendous leader!