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Bulletin - w/c 8th February 2021

Hello from a very Snowy Anglo European

A big thank you to teacher and professional support staff, especially those supervising students, catering staff and the site team who ensured the site was safe yesterday and the students were cared for so that all key workers parents to get to work and fulfil those vital roles that look after us all. It was a slippery start to the day, a few snowballs were exchanged with some fun “sledging” down the mound!

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Our canopy is finished. We cannot wait for you all to come back to school to enjoy using it!

Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday afternoon takes place this forthcoming Wednesday, 10th February between 12.30 and 3.30pm. Whilst we do not wish to disrupt the excellent momentum and work ethic shown by our students in recent weeks, we are concerned about the number of immobile hours of screen time remote learning has generated and how this might be affecting student and staff well-being.

Therefore, we propose a screen-free afternoon and hope that the whole family can get involved in some of the proposed activities. All students have been given a possible menu of possible wellbeing activities which have been posted on their ShowMyHomework page with some guidance. The aim of the task is to choose three different wellbeing activities and then post at least one image of their achievements or results on their Showbie account to share with their tutor. This could be a photograph taken on a well-being walk, a photo of one of their creations or the time it has taken them to run 5K.

Form tutors will use these images as the starting point for their discussion with their class during tutor period and will encourage students to share their experiences, challenges and how doing these activities made them feel. Let’s get some fresh air, give our eyes a rest from the screen, get some exercise and share a smile this week.

Course Counselling for 2021-22

Well done to all Year 11 students who have had their course counselling interviews with senior staff over the last two weeks. They have conducted themselves with great maturity and have come prepared to evaluate their progress so far and make sensible, yet aspirational decisions about their futures.

Next, it is the turn of Year 9 and these students will have received a detailed letter from Mr Seager about how this process will happen after half term. This process started back in the autumn term with the virtual Parental Information Evening. This presentation and other important information can be viewed here .

Between the parents’ evenings and the students making their choices, each student is seen by a senior member of staff to discuss what they think they are going to do and if it fits with any future plans they may be forming. These interviews will start in the week beginning 22nd February. An email will be sent to the students with the MS Teams link for this appointment, it is important that students are ready to attend these meetings.

The application window will now be between 8th March to 14th March and it is imperative that every Year 9 student goes onto the same school website page between those dates to make their choices.

Consultation Week

Many thanks to all parents, students and staff who have completed surveys about the impact of the remote learning programme this week. It was great to receive such positive feedback from all stakeholders, with some great ideas for further refinement and top tips for other parents. Results and comments are being analysed this week and we’ll provide a short report of outcomes in the next bulletin. These will also be reported to governors.

As usual, we will run our termly Parent Forum which this term will be on the joys and challenges of remote learning, what we have learnt and how we can better support parents at home. This will take place on the 25th February at 4pm and is hosted by Mr Newton, and ably assisted by Mrs Peeters and Mr Ashworth who have led on the remote learning provision.

To register for the forum, please e-mail with Parent Forum in the title and we will send you the joining details.

AM Registration:

We have considered using AM Registration time for tutors to meet with their tutor groups at 8.55am. We have deliberately sought the views of parents, staff and students on this matter, and whilst parents did not seem to have strong views on this, the students certainly did, voting overwhelmingly against this. We have had some concerns about student attendance during period 1 lessons and we have questioned whether students would turn up for an even earlier slot! However, we do think that some students may benefit from speaking with their tutor at this time individually or in small groups and therefore, tutors may request to meet with their tutees who may be struggling to attend live lessons, getting behind with their learning, or just need some encouragement and wellbeing support. This would also help tutors spread the conversations needed across the week and not cram them all into Mondays, which is affecting their capacity to deliver live lessons. Tutors will contact students directly to invite them to tutor time from Monday 22nd February.

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Sixth Form Students 'Walk to New York'!

The UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) CAS group is trying to raise money for Greenpeace by doing a virtual "Walk to New York" from Anglo to the UN Headquarters in New York between 13th February and 13th March 2021, and we will post updates via the bulletin and the school's social media platforms throughout. We and the rest of the Sixth Form will be walking, running, cycling or just moving inside our homes in order to try and cover a distance of 3,478.57 miles. We will be collecting donations between 23rd February and 23rd March, raising money for Greenpeace, the school's international charity. The week of 23rd March is charities week at Anglo. If you want to and are financially able to donate, please do! We will be collecting donations via ParentPay between 23rd February and 23rd March.

To find out more about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals visit We really hope that this will be something fun and positive to do during lockdown and something that will get everyone moving as we are all stuck in our homes.

Good luck everyone!

The UN SDG CAS group

Free School Meal Vouchers for Half-Term

I am delighted to announce the government is once again funding Free School Meal vouchers for allocated students during the half-term period. To the parents of our Free School Meal students; you will be receiving your vouchers in due course and do not need to take any further action.

If you think you are eligible for Free School Meals and have not yet signed up, please contact to get support registering for this service. If in doubt, please ask. We do not want any student going hungry and we are keen to ensure all our students are well provided for.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful finance team for their hard work, ensuring the smooth running of this scheme and the distribution of vouchers.

Miss S Revett

Drama Teacher/ Pupil Premium Coordinator

Increasing Mobile Data Scheme

We are delighted to announce that the government has added BT Mobile and Lycamobile to the Increasing data allowances on mobile devices for students' scheme. Please sign up to this, should this be a barrier to your child's learning.

Children with access to a mobile phone on one of the following networks should be able to benefit. This will depend on network coverage in your area. Other providers may join the scheme at a later stage.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the high volume of people signing up to this scheme, it may take some providers longer to process your request. The school has no control over how long this will take, but please be assured, if you have entered information, this is uploaded to the government portal daily.

• BT Mobile (NEW)

• Lycamobile (NEW)

• Three

• Smarty

• Virgin Mobile

• EE

• Tesco Mobile

• Sky Mobile

• O2

• Vodaphone

You can request to sign up to this scheme by filling out this form

For all other issues relating to technology (such as passwords and log-ins) your child should communicate directly with their teachers or Year Leader.

Express Yourself

In recent weeks, we have all become aware of the negative effects of 5+ hours of screen time, sedentary teaching and learning and a lack of fresh air, sunlight and warmth on us all. Children’s Mental Health Week began yesterday and the mental health charity Place2Be are running a campaign called “Express Yourself” with a focus on expressing your feelings, thoughts and ideas through creativity. We asked the Arts Department to create a challenge to take students and their families away from their screens and have a bit of fun.

Your mission is to create an outfit entirely from waste paper (newspapers, magazines, comics, first essay drafts etc) and then take a photograph or video of you modelling your creation. Videos would be great as we can edit these into an Anglo Newspaper Fashion Show. Submit your creations to , making sure you give consent for us to share your creations via social media and the Bulletin. The winners will be announced in the Bulletin. You will be competing against the creative talents of Mr Rafiq, Miss Jessop and Mrs Buck (which is tough competition indeed!).

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Anglo Alumnus Shines at online IB Extended Essay Exchange

Our 2020 IB alumnus Jacob Syndercombe was one of 16 IB Diploma students and former students who presented to more than 250 students from different IB World Schools in the inaugural International Extended Essay Exchange online event recently. Our Lower Sixth IB Diploma students attended to listen, along with others from eleven schools from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Russia and the United States of America. Jacob presented his tips on how to succeed in the Extended Essay and then offered advice to students via a break-out room for those interested in pursuing an Extended Essay in a similar subject. He was commended by a teacher from another UK school for being particularly helpful and well-informed. All Anglo students who took part in the event were a credit to our school, asking pertinent questions throughout and many said it was extremely useful as they are starting to embark on the process themselves.

Contacting School

We’ve had a few comments from parents that they have not received responses from the school in a timely fashion. When investigating this, we have often found that messages have been sent using other forums other than the address which is the main communication address for parents. This is monitored daily and you should receive confirmation that we have received this communication within 48 hours and, if further action is needed, who has been assigned to do this for you. If you do not get a response, please e-mail again as we will chase any overdue correspondence. We pride ourselves in responding in a timely fashion but occasionally e-mails get missed or are found in the junk mail!

To avoid frustration, please do not try to communicate with us about important matters using the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as these are social media sites for brief sharing of news and brief responses. We do monitor these and love to see your lovely comments about the work our students are involved in and encourage you to share these. However, rude or abusive or derogatory comments will be hidden or blocked. Similarly, the newsletter, hosted by Smore, does not have a reply function that is monitored.

Please do not communicate with the school or teachers via Showbie and Showmyhomework – these platforms are for students to communicate with teachers only, using their school addresses.


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Home Learning PE Activities

In partnership with Active Essex, this website contains a host of activities for children which can also be enjoyed by the whole family. Keeping physically active, improves our health, wellbeing, and mood, so we hope your children can have a go.

Free Exercise Classes

Brentwood Borough Council is offering a range of online exercise classes for families including circuit training, yoga, meditation and Pilates all free of charge for residents. Access to the Virtual classes will be from 8th February


Have you been working on something that you are proud of and would like to share on our social media pages? If so, we would love to hear from you, see your photos and hear about anything exciting that you are willing to share. Please send to

Meet the Russell Group Virtual Event - Wednesday 10 February

UK University & Apprenticeship Search are hosting a joint event with the Russell Group Universities on the 10th February from 12 to 7pm. This event will see all 24 universities once again, as well as a new line-up of webinars and virtual tours from each university. You can find out more and sign up here.

Mrs Prema–Gadhia's Recipe of the Week

Bombay Sandwiches

Have you ever tried a Bombay sandwich? This is Indian Street food at its best!

It’s like a spicy take on a toastie and the beauty of these is that you can easily adapt it to your taste, or use whatever vegetables you may have in your fridge. Its carb on carb but very satisfying, makes a perfect snack, lunch or even dinner and easily made vegan if you wish. There’s a few stages to this one.

Happy Cooking - Mrs Prema – Gadhia

Sandwich filling:

Sliced bread (buttered) Peeled and boiled potatoes – sliced Sliced tomatoes, peppers, onions & cucumber Sliced green chillies (optional) Cheese (grated) Chaat Masala*

*You can find this in most Indian supermarkets, if not you can substitute it with ½ tsp cumin powder and ½ tsp coriander powder and mix together.

For the green chutney:

Large handful of fresh coriander (including the stalks) ¼ cup of peanuts (salted) ½ green chilli Small piece ginger ½ tsp sugar 1 tsp lemon juice Dash of water to combine together

Add all of the ingredients in a blender and blitz. (Add a little more salt or sugar according to your taste. Substitute the peanuts for a tomato if you have a nut allergy).

Creating the sandwiches

1) Spread the green chutney on both breads

2) Layer your fillings, add as much or as little as you prefer of any vegetable

3) Add cheese (as cheesy as you wish)

4) Sprinkle the chaat masala or alternative over the filling

5) Butter the outsides and toast in a toastie maker

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