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Adam Lee Hour 3


  • Most of China's people live in the east
  • Highlands in the West, low in the east
  • Largest mountain, Mount Everest (29,035 ft tall)
  • China has intense seismic activity
  • Tien Shan - depressions divided into two major ranges, the northern range and southern range
  • 50,000 rivers
  • Qiangtang, 16,500ft, called the roof of the world, located in the Plateau of Tibet
  • Water distributions are uneven
  • Drizzles in the hilly area to the south and morning fog is common
  • Siberian air mass, cold and dry


Seven Elements of Culture

Religion- Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and all religions are family oriented

- China is named after Emperor Qin (first emperor to build the wall), China is known as the "Middle Kingdom"

- Chinese New year, Oct 1st is the founding of China and is celebrated

Language- 7 Different languages spoken in China (main languages), Over 40,000 different characters called mandarin

Social Organization- Nuclear Family, Women have the same power as men

Economic System- Renminbi is the currency, second largest economy

Arts and Lit.- Dances are performed with weapons or bare hands, Ancient myths and legends are shared with children



  1. Which Religion is the most popular?
    A.Traditional Ethnic B. Non-Religious C. Muslim D. Christian
  2. Why might you think that non-religion is important in China?

China Vs America


  • Lit. Rate of 91%
  • Chinese
  • Very few traffic laws
  • The host orders all of the meals
  • Buddhism
  • Smiling means to apologize
  • Ruled by Prime Minister
  • Mountains and deserts
  • Xl Jinping - Chief of State
  • Located in Asia


  • Lit. rate of 99%
  • English
  • Strict traffic laws
  • When ordering, everyone gets what they want
  • Christianity
  • Smiling means happy
  • Run by the President
  • Barack H. Obama
  • Land is more flat
  • Located in North America


Both have the Death Penalty
Both fought the British
Gifts mean thanks and best wishes
Voting age is 18
Both countries are about the same size