Henry Hudson

By Joshua

Henry Hudson Bio

Early Life

  • Henry Hudson was born 1565 London, England
  • He came from a wealthy family
  • Hudson married a girl named Kathrine and had 3 sons - John, Richard, and Oliver. They lived in London

First Voyage

  • In 1607 Hudson was selected by the Muscovy Company to command an expedition to discover the northern passage
  • His ship is Hopewell, it was small and old
  • 20 crew members
  • In May of 1607 Hudson set sail
  • June of 1607 Hudson reached Greenland
  • He steered the ship further North and stopped in what later was called Whale Bay, 750 miles North of the Arctic Circle.
  • September of 1607 Hudson landed at Tilbury, England.

Second Voyage

  • his second voyage was to the "New World"
  • he was aboard the Half Moon
  • the "Half Captain" John Smith
  • in 1609 adverse conditions caused Hudson to change route
  • He ignored his employers and said to the "New World" in search of the Northern Passage
  • much later he returned to England

Final Voyage

  • in 1610 aboard the ship Discovery
  • Hudson sailed back to the "New World"
  • He sailed through the "Northern Passage" known today as the Hudson River
  • soon sailed into a giant body of water which he believed to be the Pacific Ocean, but instead he sailed into the Hudson Bay
  • in 1611 He sailed back to London, but was set to the shore, with his son, of the Hudson Bay by his crew
  • Afterwards, Hudson was never heard from again

Henry Hudson