Flying Squirrel



The Flying squirrel weight is 2.5 - 4.6 oz It is 10 -12 inches.It fur is soft. The flying squirrel color is light brown to red. The hair on its belly is white and gray .Dnr wi.gonfie/piles pub ser ero6 78.pd
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Diet what they eat

They eat acorns hazelnuts beech nut other hardwood. .Dnr wi .go v files PD f pubs per 678
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The flying squirrel lives in Older Forests.They like to live in Forests that have live and dead


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Flying squirrels not far apart of Wisconsin. since they move around so much It's Is deficit to track them.
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Mating occurs from late march to may. It takes about 37- 42 days until the squirrel has her babies Mother gives birth two to three pups One litter is born per year.between .May thought July.
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Life pan

The flying squirrel lives up to 10 Years.
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5 Interesting

1 Flying squirrels are shy.

2 They can get into many homes.

3 They eat wires

4 Their favorite is Pecans.

5 The flying squirrels use their thick Paws cushion for land on the tree they climb high

as Possible for themselves for another jump.

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