The Colt Courier

February 21, 2020

Principal's Message

I hope you all enjoyed the extra 2 hours this morning. One thing that I shared in our Leadership Team meeting this week is from my PLC conference. I think it is important for us to keep understand how great our culture is at this point and what a wonderful staff we have. It is super important that we keep that fire going and do everything we can for our kids. They said at the conference, "every child in the building has the same last name". We should treat all children as if they are ours. Thank you for doing this each and every day!



The Week Ahead

Week of February 24th


Tuesday- PLC Meetings, STEAM/OSOB Night


Thursday- PLC Meetings,

Friday-Treat Trolley

School News

  • Congrats to our Chili winner, Jamie Thomas and her Southern No Bean Chili. 2nd place was Emily Stewart with the Black Bean Brisket Chili. 3rd place was Jessica Williams and her Cream Cheese Chicken Chili. Mrs. Thomas' chili will be representing our school on March 7th as we enter with our theme, "Chili Ray Cyrus". If you want to help us on that day and dress the part, please email me.
  • To raise money for our school, you may pay $5.00 per week to wear jeans all week. This is good for the next two weeks. Money needs to go to Ana.
  • The STEAM/OSOB night is February 25. Pizza will be available for teachers at 4:45. Activities start at 5:30.
  • The Father/Daughter Dance is tonight at 6:30.
  • The Grant deadline is approaching. Here is the link with the information for writing a grant.

Quote of the Week

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never been in a dark room with a mosquito”
Betty G. Birney (The World According to Humphrey

Happy February Birthdays to the Following Colts!

We hope the following staff members have a wonderful birthday!

February 1-Sara Carico

February 5- Ashley Beaumont

February 8- Sheila Connell

February 9-Jennifer Brailsford

February 10-Tracey Hazelwood

February 12- Baili Byrd and Dede Keckeis

February 25-Katie Pattinson

February 28-Heather Rhyne

Colt Shout Outs

  • Shout out to Satchel VanVield. Thank you so much for opening your room to Foster, Thomas, and Robertson today. I hope everyone was able to take something from VanVield's lesson and apply it to their own classrooms. VanVield, you do such a great job with your students and I know it is hard to open your room, it takes a lot of trust, but THANK YOU!

    Thank you team for letting me cover your classes while you went and visited, I got to sort of "feel ya" when it comes to our math PLC conversations! Bless..

    So thankful to be a part of this amazing team! FIFTH GRADE ROCKS!- Mandy Shamblin

  • Shout our to Ms. Angie for coming quickly to clean up when a student got sick. To Mrs. Cook for blocking the path with trash cans during this situation and to Ms. Ellsworth for taking the student to the nurse. -Jeannine Bruce
  • Shout out to Mrs. Beaumont. Thanks for inviting me to come hang out with her class and watch how her students play “Prove it!” to explain all the ways different strategies they used to solve 8 + 4 = 12. I loved seeing those kindergarten math minds at work!-Sigler

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