CANADA By:isabelle song

fall into the beauty of Canada's history & environment

where do people live in Canada and why do they live there?

Now, i know you might ask "where do people live in Canada live? Its so cold up there, and some areas just might be ice!" I've got the answer. Most Canadians choose to live near the border. well, don't even ask what border because its the border between Canada and the United States. Canadians mostly live in New brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Sakatchewan, and British Columbia. People live in these provinces because the climate is much warmer closer to the border than up north of Canada. Climate is a HUGE part of why most Canadians live south (closer to the border.)

Canada's Enviroment

Canada has some environmental issues. They have issues at the Great lakes, problems with the mining in the Canadian Shield, and over extraction of timber. Their issue with the great lakes is that acid rain has impacted the water and environment. the acid rain is created by car exhaust and factories. The rain raises the acidity level so there is more acid in the lake. the acid in this lake can kill the animals living there and damage the environment. now on to mining in the Canadian Shield. Mining in the Canadian shield is harmful to the environment. The mining they are doing in the Canadian shield is doing damage to the environment. The mining is contaminating the soil and water, also it is disturbing the ecosystems around the mining shafts. The mining they are doing involves them over mining minerals and natural resources. Canada's last environmental problem is cutting down timber for paper products. The cutting down of timber big trees, trees that could be 10,000 years old that are huge are being cut down because us humans want to use the for paper products. The animals that live in these forest are having to move to another location cause there home is being destroyed.

Canada's goverment

Its a monarchy because they have loyalty to Queen Elizabeth, they have a federal government but they are made up of provinces that have their own government and the federal a parliamentary government. The role of a citizen is obeying the law, serving on a jury, helping others in community, and taking care of one's family.