Computer Lab 3.20 pm start

Wondering where to start with Google Drive?What about Moodle?

If you would like to know more about using these Webtools , come along to our first Tech Afternoon on Wednesday of Week 3.It will be informal yet practical ,so you will need to have a charged laptop with you.If you have used "Drive" or "Moodle",it's always great to have your input too-we can learn so much when we share what we know!

Schedule of Session Topics

Week 3

  • How to Create Contact Groups
  • What is Google Drive?
  • How to Create a document & make Folders
  • Uploading & Downloading documents

Week 4

  • How To share documents using links
  • Recognising different ways to share & privacy settings
  • Real-Time Collaboration

Week 5

  • Forms-Create online surveys.Simple to create & easy data collection
  • Google Sheets & Presentations

Week 6

  • Moodle - Basics (navigating;Class Pages; Insert Webpage Hyperlinks; etc)

Week 7

  • Moodle- Insert images; Hyperlink images ;Insert a table; etc

Week 8 & 9

  • Sharing Web tools ,applications and Websites (eg. Casey -Class Dojo)