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Texas Does It Agian

The New Texas State Fair, is astounding! It is a true memorial to everything a state fair should be, it has games, exhibits, great food, and tons of Cattle! We got to take an exclusive early access tour, and we were not disappointed. I truly believe that the Texas state fair will remain here in our great city for decades to come. When your here make sure to check out the pig races, sadly they were not open for our tour but we cant wait to see them! But hurry and get your tickets now, they have already sold 14,000 and are running out!

Lions, Tigers , and Bears Oh My!

They mayor of Dallas has recently announced that Dallas will be building its very own Zoo! For those of you that don't know, a zoo is a place where they have animals that arnt common to your area, for people to view! When this zoo opens it will be the first zoo in Texas history! But most importantly is that our great city of Dallas is making it happen. Jay Gould, current ceo of Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, even has said that his rail road to Dallas will be finished just in time to for the grand opening of the zoo. This will make Dallas the place to come!
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Assimilation, Good or Bad?

What is assimilation? Well the technical definition of this term is: to absorb a group into the culture of another population. Now, you may be saying "Jay, what about the Native Americans?" well readers, I'm gonna tell you. I won't just be telling you what assimilation was, but I will also be telling you about how it impacted the Native Americans in the old days. Back then, we didn't all get along, and we even thought to fight the Native Americans multiple times for multiple reasons including land. So, once we won, we had no idea of what to do with all of the natives. One genius thought up the idea of bringing them into the American culture and try to make them more civilized by teaching our language, clothing them like us, and giving them normal jobs. They thought this would make them more "tame" but unfortunately, nobody thought of the natives being against this idea. Wanna know more? Read next time.
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What will become of Dallas farmers

Hey readers, Jay here to talk about a surfacing issue here in Dallas. Populism. Let's talk about it. Populism is representing the farmers mainly that favored free coinage of silver and government control of railroads and other large industries. Now, farmers, you do see the problem here, right? If the government were to put more silver into the circulation of money, then the price of your crops would drop severely. Now, we know you all work very very hard with your crops and you scrounge daily just to feed the family, so I'm here to tell you that populism isn't a very good idea. You want money, right? You want to be able to feed your family, correct? If you answered yes to either of these questions then go outside and shout out 'Down with Populism!'.

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Because we care

Dear the DDB

On Wednesday, October 3rd, you had a review over the cleanliness and quality of my restaurant, Frank's Furters. I appreciate your honesty and how official you made the interview seem. I have gotten many more customers and they seem happily satisfied with their meals. I have attached to this letter a sheet of paper that will allow you a discounted price to my restaurant, Frank's Furters. My wife and I are genuinely happy that you decided to help us out by taking a glance into our restaurant. In direct relevance to the recent increase of customers I have received, I have decided to start using pita bread as an option for buns. So everyone come to Frank's Furters to get this limited time offer.

Sincerely Frank F.

Dear DDB

Due to the recent construction near my home, It has been impossible to sleep at night. It doesn't help that I have a night job and require that I must sleep during the day. I understand that you have sided with the common rabble in the argument for the refurbishing of the main streets. I live right off of Main Street and I do not appreciate how the DDB works. I hate it when you guys decide to those sides. And since you have such a large employee network, you basically win any argument that requires a vote. You should not be able to side since you are such a huge powerhouse for voting. You are informers, we pay to see news, not an opinion. A couple of companions and I will be seceding from the subscription of the DDB. We will be creating our own newspaper, we do not know what we will call it, but we will be creating out own network.

Sincerely Anonymous