1st PTSA meeting: 8/31 @ 7:00pm in the OLHMS Staff Lounge

  • Get your OLHMS mask(s) pre-ordered from now until Friday, 8/27!!!!!

  • Orders are expected to be delivered by the end of September to your advisory.

  • NEW DESIGN IS: Sleek behind the ear design with adjustable banding, ergonomic silicon bead design for adjusting, durable/wash tested outer layer fabric, and comfortable, breathable inner layer, 100% cotton. ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

  • Payments Accepted Via: Cash, check made out to OLHMS PTSA, or through MemberHub https://olhmsptsa.memberhub.com/store

PTSA Welcome Letter

Welcome back OLHMS Mustangs!

My name is Teresa Shane, and I am your OLHMS PTSA President for the 2021-2022 school

year. This is my third year as president, and I have a 7th grader at OLHMS this year. As a

new-to-middle-school mom three years ago, I realized that the PTSA is a little different than the PTA at the elementary schools. For starters, PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association. We encourage and look forward to having parents and their students, along with

teachers, join the association and learn what we are all about. We welcome students' opinions and ideas on what we can do for the school. Student members are welcome to all PTSA meetings.

Through our memberhub newsletters to all members, and through our monthly meetings, parents will have the opportunity to learn what is going on around school. They will also be able to meet other parents, and help in supporting the needs of our school. A few of the things that were done last year thru the PTSA include; co-purchasing water bottles for all students, hosting the Halloween drive thru spooktacular, hosting teacher appreciation events, treated students to a virtual magic show, held a beautiful in person 8th grade social, and treated all of the students to an end of the year pizza party. These events are not possible without volunteers, and PTSA member support.

At our first meeting on Tuesday, August 31st at 7:00 pm, you will have an opportunity to meet the D123 Superintendent, Dr. Enderle and OLHMS Assistant Principal, Dr. Hantson along with the new PTSA board, and have a discussion on what the PTSA can do to help

our kids this year. Membership is $7 per "parent" (which is any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc) or staff member and just $5 student member. When your student is a PTSA member it gets them into our open gyms for free. Our first open gym is scheduled for September 16. Be one of the first to

sign up in person at tonight’s open house or online, and you will have a chance to win a gift



This is the same website to use for our guilt free giving and our mask pre-sales.

I hope you will follow us on Facebook OLHMS PTSA, for updates as well! Thank you for your support, and I am looking forward to a great school year supporting our kids.

Teresa Shane



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Order Deadline: September 6th 2021


All orders will be delivered the week of September 20th


Feeling generous but fundraisers aren't your thing? Here is your pass to still help the PTSA give your kids a great year at school. Go to our memberhub store, purchase the Guilt-Free Giving Pass, and opt out of our other fundraisers for the year, guilt-free.