Improved Radial Tires

Why Did NASA Make This

It was used in parachute shrouds to soft-land the Vikings on the Martian surface. This product was five times stronger than steel. The chain-like molecular product gave it incredible strength in proportion to its weight. The mission that they used the tires on was the Mars Exploration. They used it for the Mars-rover to search Mars.
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How Does It Help Us Today

We use radial tires for transportation every day now. People use them for other things too. The other things people use them for is tire swings, four wheelers, motorcycles, and dirt bikes. Recognizing the increased strength and durability of the material, Goodyear expanded the technology and went on to produce a new radial tire with a tread life expected to be 10,000 miles greater than conventional radials.

There are some good advantages of a radial tire, and I am going to talk about some. Radial tires have flexible sidewalls, reduced fuel consumption due to less rolling resistance, a softer ride because of the layout of the tire's plies and because of the flex of the sidewalls, assuring more stable contact with the road service and a softer ride, less vibration, and extended tire life due to less heat generated by the tire.

The disadvantages of the radial tires are poor transport handling, since low lateral stiffness causes the tire sway to increase as the speed of the vehicle increases, increased vulnerability to abuse when overloaded or under-inflated. The sidewall tends to bulge which could cause damage and puncture, a ply layout that causes the radial tire to follow a wheel track more consistently than a bias ply tire, he radial tire is more expensive than a bias ply tire which may be considered as a disadvantage. The radial tire is more expensive than a bias ply tire which is kind of a disadvantage. However, the radial tire lasts longer and this results in the savings of money over the long run.

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