Death Camps

James Haskell

Life in the Camps

The Nazi concentration camps were the main way the Jews were exterminated during World War II. They were packed into trains after being taken from their homes, families, and belongings, and brought to the camps forced to do brutal work. They were given clothes that would not fit, beaten, and starved. If the slightest mistake was made you would be beaten near to death or just shot then and there. Most died from disease and starvation, the rest from gas chambers which were used when they couldn't do anymore work. The corpses were then disposed in ovens to make space for more bodies.
Yosef Neuhaus: Arrival and Daily Life in Auschwitz-Birkenau during the Holocaust

Daily Life in Aushwitz

This video gives a day in the life of arriving at the camp. Families were separated, clothes and belongings were stolen, their hair was shaved. Everything was taken from them and they were moved to small buildings housing 500 people and were given just a piece of bread each day. It was hard to live in these conditions when all they were thinking about is when they're going to die or when they're going to get more bread.