January Newsletter

Counselor's Corner

Welcome Back!

We are so glad to have everyone back at school and begin a fresh start to your semester! Because we are on a block schedule, every class except for 3rd block switches to new classes. This is your chance to reflect on last semester and make changes to be a better you this semester.

Remember we have math tutoring before (7:15) & after school (3:15) on Wednesdays in the choir room!

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Upcoming: Course Selection & Report Cards

It is already time to begin course selection for next school year! The counselors will meet with every student individually in 15 minute increments to help you select academic, elective and athletic classes for the 2020-2021 school year.

You will receive your time-slot slip with your report card that will be mailed home. Parents will have the opportunity to be a part of the course selection process over the phone. Any changes to your course requests need to be brought to your counselor by March 1st. No exceptions.

Things to Consider Before Course Selection:

The choices you make for course selection are what the counselors and administrators use to create classes for next year. This is extremely important, and it is the reason we can not change schedules during the school year.

You will need your 4 academic classes each school year:

  • History, English, Science & Math.
  • Consider whether you want to take regular, advanced, or AP (advanced placement, college level) classes. Your counselor and teachers may suggest certain classes based on prior grades and success in the past.
  • Science will have more leniency on which science you want to take each year, whereas other core subjects have a more directed path based off what you have taken in the prior year. 11th grade and 12th grade often choose between: anatomy, environmental, physics, and chemistry. There are also advanced and AP options.

Consider electives based on your interests. You will select 5 electives & 2 alternates. Because of our block schedule, there are opportunities for you to take 5 electives. This allows you to explore different areas and decide what you like or dislike. We have several academies to choose from: Health Science, Fine Arts & Communications, Building Science, and Business/Marketing & Information Technology (IT).

1. Do I have all electives I need to graduate?

  • Each student must have Career Prep (9th), Life PE (9th), Health (9th), and a combination of any 3 Fine Arts/Career Tech/ Foreign Language classes. Most students are on track to graduate with their electives and counselors do credit checks to make sure students are where they need to be.

2. Do you need to apply for the electives listed below? If you are not currently in that elective, you will not be allowed to put it on your course selection sheet. The teacher will let counselors know of any additions made.
  • Yearbook, Broadcast, Athletics, Career Co-op.

3. Are there any pre-requisite classes I have to take in order to get to the higher level class I want to be a part of?
  • Must take Hospitality tourism before Culinary classes
  • Must take Foundations of Health Science before sports medicine, patient care technology, medical terminology, therapeutic services etc.
  • Must take Architecture construction manufacturing (arc con) before electrical 1
  • Must take any 1st level course before 2nd (Art 1/Art 2, Spanish, Theater etc.)
  • Must take Intro to Ad Design before digital design/graphic illustration

4. Only include athletics if you are CURRENTLY on the team. Coaches/sponsors will inform the counselors of any additions to the team for schedule change purposes. (Band, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, cheer, dance, colorguard etc.)

5. Upcoming seniors may have the opportunity for a flexible schedule if you have a job/ internship and transportation. This will be a checkbox on the course selection sheet. However, you still need to select up to 5 electives.


(subject to change)

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Upcoming Testing

This semester, our juniors will be preparing for the ACT that will be taken Tuesday, March 10th at school. The ACT is an important factor when it comes to applying to post-secondary schools and applying for scholarships. Although there are different routes to take after high school, it is always important to give your best and prepare for all potential opportunities.

In order to prepare for this test, CCHS will continue its 2nd year with an ACT Preparation "Boot Camp". The students are separated based on skill levels from the mock ACT we took in December and are paired with teachers to meet each student where they are and build from there. The boot-camp will be on Wednesdays & Fridays in the month of February until the ACT on March 10th.