Pacific Ridge Principal's Update

Monday, March 13th, 2023

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, March 14th ~ PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) Meeting in Pacific Ridge library from 7:00-8:00 PM.
  • Wednesday, March 15th ~ Preschool Open House *see this newsletter for details
  • Tuesday, March 21st ~ 2nd & 3rd Grade Spring Concerts in Pacific Ridge Gym *see newsletter for times & drop off information
  • Thursday, March 23rd ~ Early Release @ Noon for Parent Teacher Conferences *sign-ups are included in out newsletter below! We will also have our Scholastic Book Fair open during conferences on both days!
  • Friday, March 24th ~ No School for Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Monday, March 27th-Friday, March 31st ~ No School ~ Spring Break
  • Wednesday, April 26th ~ Kindergarten Connect *see newsletter for details

Erin's Law Information

Counselor's Corner & Erin's Law Lesson Information

Pacific Ridge Families,

During the month of April, our students will be participating in a very important series of lessons. These lessons are based on Oregon Senate Bill 856, which states that all schools shall provide sexual abuse prevention instruction for students in grades K-12. These lessons are often referred to as the “Erin’s Law” lessons.

On the district website under the “Teaching and Learning” tab, you will find the areas covered at each grade level, along with the corresponding applicable standard. Additionally, information is available on the Pacific Ridge Elementary website–just go to the “Counseling” tab, then drop down to “Curriculum and Resources.”

Also for your reference, included in this newsletter is a summary overview of what is covered.

Please take a few moments and review this information.

Should you have any questions at all, or are considering having your child not participate in one or more of these lessons (“opting out”,) please send an e-mail to:

Kaile Jones, School Counselor,

(please contact on/before Friday, March 24th)

Thank you very much for your interest in these important lessons!


Juli Wozniak


Erin's Law Lessons Overview

In a nutshell, this is what is covered in the “Erin’s Law” lessons. Some lessons do overlap just a little.

1. Reproductive Body Parts Lesson: We talk about how some parts of our bodies are private, and it is okay to say "no" to unsafe touches about those parts (rule: "it is not okay for someone to touch a private part of your body--the part covered by a bathing suit--unless it is to keep you clean or healthy.") We briefly name the private body parts. We do not talk about reproduction at all, or the function of the private parts. We just name them, as there is research to show that using the biological names, rather than "silly" type names, helps normalize them for children and allows them to better verbalize should anything unsafe happen.

2. Support systems Lesson: We talk about how there are safe people that we can trust and talk with should we feel unsafe in any way.

3. Consent Lesson: We talk about how our bodies belong to us, and it is okay to say no respectfully to unwanted things, such as a hug we don't feel like. The lesson content is similar at all grade levels, but changes slightly for developmental appropriateness.

4. Bodily Fluids Lesson: For Grades K-2, this is really just a review of the COVID rules--how germs spread, washing our hands is important, covering our coughs, etc. Grades 3-5 adds some basic information about HIV, along with other ways disease can be transmitted, such as sharp objects one might find.

5. Gender Lesson: We talk about how it is okay for girls to like football and boys to like dolls—in other words, we talk about stereotypes. The private parts of the body are briefly mentioned. The lesson content is similar at all grade levels, but changes slightly for developmental appropriateness. We will briefly touch on the fact that some people do not identify with either gender. We will discuss the importance of acceptance to all people. If students have further questions about gender, we will direct them to ask their family about this.


Should you have any questions at all, or are considering having your child not participate in one or more of these lessons (“opting out”,) please send an e-mail to: Kaile Jones, School Counselor, (please contact on/before Friday, March 24th)

PTO Update

A message from our Parent Teacher Organization

Save the dates for some upcoming PTO Activities:

  • Tuesday, March 14th ~ PTO meeting @ 7:00-8:00 PM
  • Thursday, May 4th ~ Fun Run jog-a-thon
  • Friday, June 2nd ~ Family BBQ @ 5:30 PM

We are also holding a t-shirt design contest for our students in April …. AND we are looking for an artist to make a nice carved wood sign for the front of our school. Let us know if you have a contact for that!

ODE Integrated Guidance Feedback Needed

Families we want your feedback!

You are invited to review the district's draft of the ODE Integrated Guidance Plan Proposal and provide us with your input. Your feedback will be considered in preparation for submittal of the final document to ODE. Please send your feedback by March 30th, to Superintendent Susan Penrod at Or, join us on March 21st for a School Board Meeting when there will be a presentation and opportunity for public comment on this proposal.

5th Grade OBOB

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) 5th Grade

On Thursday, March 9th, 5th grade readers battled it out in the final Battle of the Books competition in the gym. The final teams were: Sparkle Blobs (5G), Da Boyz (5C), Wiggly Pickles (5A), Slay Queens (5D), and Crystal Flowers (5M). Teams were asked four questions each in two categories. In the "In Which Book" category, teams were given a detail from a book, and had to match it with the book title and author. In the "Content" category, teams were told the book, and asked a very specific question from that book.

No books are allowed in the battle, so students did this all from memory - there were 14 books! Their classmates watched as well as the entire fourth grade. We were so glad to have fourth grade watch and get them excited about participating next year! When it was all said and done, the Wiggle Pickles end up with the win! Congratulations to Abigayle, Michael, Mackenzie, Kevin and Brooklyn. Their team will represent our school in the Regional Battle in Portland!

Battle of the Books could not happen every year without the support of PTO! We are so grateful for the financial support in getting these books in our classrooms and in the hands of kids each year. And thank you to all of you for participating in PTO fundraisers that generate the funds that are made available to us. We appreciate it so much! ~5th Grade Teachers & Students

Preschool Open House

Pacific Ridge Beginning School

If you are interested in having your child attend preschool at Pacific Ridge Beginning School for the 2023-2024 school year please join us for an Open House event!

  • When? Wednesday, March 15th from 5:00-6:00 PM
  • Where? Pacific Ridge Beginning School Preschool Classrooms
  • What to expect? Meet the teachers, tour the classrooms & ask questions to learn more about our programming.
  • Website LINK for more information

Kindergarten Connect

Kindergarten Connect is Wednesday, April 26th

Do you have a child who will be 5 years old on or before September 1st, 2023?

If so, please save the date and plan to join us for our kinder connect & registration event!

April 26th Schedule:


  • Families & future students will participate in a scavenger hunt to explore our school, participate in fun activities, and learn more about what to expect in kindergarten.

  • Families & future students will have the opportunity to ride a school bus around the neighborhood to experience a bus ride.

***Kindergarten Registration will OPEN on this date, Wednesday, April 26th. Our registration is online on our school website.

Parent Teacher Conferences

It's time to sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences:

Parent teacher conferences are coming up soon! Our teachers are looking forward to meeting with each of you to share your child's Winter Assessments & Report Cards!

Our conferences will be held on-site in your child's classroom. To accommodate all of our families, appointments will be limited to 20 min per teacher. Interpreters will be available.

Thursday, March 23rd ~ Parent Teacher Conferences from 1:30PM-8:00PM

Friday, March 24th ~ Parent Teacher Conferences from 8:00AM-12:00PM

Please click the link to sign up or use the QR code for a conference for each of your children.

Please call the Main Office at 503-738-5161 if you have any questions.

Scholastic Book Fair

The book fair will be at Pacific Ridge!

During parent teacher conferences we will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair.

The book fair will be open:

Thursday, March 23rd ~ 1:30PM-7:30PM

Friday, March 24th ~ 8:00AM-11:30AM

Spring Concerts

2nd & 3rd Grade Spring Concerts

We are excited that our 2nd & 3rd grade classes will be performing in their Winter Concert this month!

Date: Tuesday, March 21st

Where: Pacific Ridge Elementary Gym

When: 2nd grade performs at 5:45 PM & 3rd grade performs at 7:15 PM

*Please plan to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the concert start time time to drop off you child with their teacher in their classroom.

  • 2nd Grade Drop Off at 5:30PM
  • 3rd Grade Drop Off at 7:00PM

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math)

A Message from Mr. Duer

“The arts and sciences are avatars of human creativity.”

- Astronaut Mae Jemison

This month the STEAM Room explored the functions of the heart on a scientific level, and also how the heart symbol has inspired many artists, including our puffins.

The second half of the month we explored all the way down to the molecular level, and learned about atoms and molecules. We proved atoms exist by experimenting with vacuum chambers, and then built some impressive molecule models that represent some of the biomolecules on our planet.

The second and third grade classes are preparing for the STEAM portion of their spring showcases, and are very excited to show what they have created.

Big picture

State-wide Assessment Info.

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Students

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Classroom Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations & Treats

Birthdays are celebrated collectively in the classroom with one time per month to honor all the birthdays of the month.

Please contact your child's teacher if you wish to contribute a healthy snack to the class monthly celebration. Healthy snacks are preferred over cupcakes or other sugary snacks. All food must be store bought and individual packets are best.

  • Frozen Fruit Bars

  • Snack mixes of cereal and dried fruit

  • Raisins and other dried fruit

  • Crackers or healthier cookies

  • Pretzels


If you wish to pass out birthday party invitations at school, we ask that all students in your child’s class be included.

Calendars ~ Seaside School District


  • Our Pacific Ridge Elementary calendar is also on our website and LINKED HERE. Upcoming events will be posted on this calendar.

  • Our School District Calendar is posted to our school website and LINKED HERE for quick reference.