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Special Science Edition

How can the library support you and your students?

As we settle into 1:1, I want to offer a vision of what I see the SCHS library doing to support you and your students. I also want to know what matters to YOU? Click HERE to let me know how I can help you. As a teacher librarian, I love coming to classrooms and working with students. Think about times you wish you could clone yourself. While I can't ever become a science teacher, I can be an extra set of hands as you help your students branch out into using instructional technology and project based learning, or work to improve research and writing skills. I can help you add a simple technology component to a lesson. I can provide unique print resources you may not otherwise find. I can teach a standard such as "determining bias". I can help students learn to cite sources. This newsletter will provide you with some specific ways I would love to work with you and your students. Just ask!

Databases are different (better?) than Google! Really!

The library currently subscribes to 3 databases that could help with various sciences classes. Science in Context, Rosen Teen Health and Wellness and Opposing Viewpoints. These databases are searchable, offer audio, video, articles, primary sources and maps, provide citation support, and are linked to Google Drive so students can annotate and save anything they find directly to their accounts. I'm happy to work with you and your students to help them maximize these features.


Here is a link to the library card catalog. Our collection is developed with your curriculum and our students in mind. Please use these resources to help students build background knowledge, dig deeper, view a different perspective, or learn information on a more appropriate reading level. I am happy to put together a bibliography for your students or place titles on reserve.