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Eboni Fish

Continental Drift

My dear departed friend alfred had a hypothesis that all the continents were once together. Today is the day you change your mind. alas! Freshwater fossils have been found on many different continents and freshwater animals cannot swim in salt water. There was a plant called Glossopteris and it was found on 5 of the continents showing that maybe they all were together at one point and time. Now climate wise there were fossils of warm weather found on an island in the arctic region, and glacial deposits were found in warm weathered places, therefore the continents couldve been connected at one time. Another example is the rock structures because they were found on different continents too. This proves that once in this life time that the continents were once connected.

Continental Drift

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SeaFloor Spreading

Seafloor Spreding

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Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics theory-is a theory which states that the lithosphere is broken into several large slabs

Plate tectonics